5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Technical Partner

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It can be a daunting task to keep up with the market and adjust to advancements in technology every couple of months. At the same time, you cannot just let it slide. A technical partner will keep your business up to date with the trend and technology. Therefore, it is essential to find the right technical partner for your business. Below you will read the 5 things to consider when choosing the right technical partner for your business.

Testimonials and References

Above all those, shiny and perfect sales pitches, testimonials, and work references are equally important. Even if your potential technical partner seems excellent, authentic feedback should be your final step before bringing them on board. 

Asking for previous work references and testimonials of their old clients will help you see beyond the picture created by the potential technical partner. You can understand their work ethic, commitment, and loyalty, which is very important.


  • Check their social media. A company’s social handles tell a lot about them, their vision, and ethics.
  • Check if they have testimonials/success stories from reputable clients on their website or any other platforms.
  • Ask them to refer you to their previous client so you can directly get feedback. Don’t take their word for it.

The above tips will help you choose the right technical partner. 

While researching your potential customer, ask their customers/clients how effectively they got the job done and their behavior with the associates. 

Likewise, there can be cases when your potential technical partner might not have delivered some projects precisely like yours, and it’s okay. People learn while doing the work, but customer satisfaction is the most significant indicator. You have to understand how your potential partner handles complexities and adversities in the crisis. 

Challenges are inevitable in any project but handling them with grace and patience is what leads to success.

Open Communication Addressing Your Business Needs

Technical Partners having a open conversation regarding business needs

Open communication is vital to make any project or any partnership flourishing. Sharing core purpose, vision, and intention with the technical partner will help them thoroughly understand the company and its needs. It will help create a thriving environment and bonding between each other. 

There are some basic things you need to consider during early calls with the potential technical partner:

  • Do they communicate clearly?
  • Are they listening to you or not?
  • Do they understand your priorities?
  • Their response to inherent risks
  • Do they respond promptly to calls and emails?
  • Do they question and try to understand the purpose behind the project?

The above questions are apparent but might slip through the mind if not considered. All those questions help you understand your technical partner thoroughly and create a strong bonding. It will help build trust and honesty between the two companies, essential for the desired result.

This blog from Cohaesus will further assist you in clarifying things you should ask yourself before hiring a technical partner.

Area of Expertise

Companies usually miss out on this one; there is a difference between knowledge and expertise. While hiring a technical partner, you have to look for their expertise over knowledge. Their proven experience will add up more to your project than their vast knowledge. 

Moreover, any technical company should have relevant expertise in the industry that will help your branch grow firmly. The technology industry is enormous, and not every technology advancement might be for your company. 

Before looking for a technical partner, you must determine what your product/service needs to keep accelerating and what will be best for your company. 

Consider the following things to evaluate if your potential technical partner is good enough for you or not in the expertise area: 

  • Are they able to guide you throughout the journey and suggest further innovative solutions?
  • Find out if they have expertise in your specific needs. Even if the technical partner may not have worked on a similar project, but their specialisation matches your needs, they can be a good fit.
  • Do they understand your business and goals and offer the best choices for you?
  • Are they equally interested in your project and think out of the box?
  • Can they understand that every project needs a custom approach? Are they open to changes?
  • How effectively did they handle the crisis in their previous projects?

Technical partner is more than just writing codes and designing layouts. They have to think creatively and analytically to offer the best advice. 

Their work represents the company’s core value and plays a vital role in the company’s branding. That’s why a technical understanding partner is necessary for the overall development of your company.

Do not adopt technology for technology’s sake. Don’t be swayed by flashy tech. 

Support Model and Option

Technical Partner and client on a meet

If you are satisfied with your potential technical partner’s previous work references, communication clarity, and expertise, then the fourth step is understanding their work support. A well-defined system makes workflow smooth and increases efficiency. 

Keeping on track with the project’s progress will make the task of all the departments uniform and guard you against unseen trouble. Ask the technical partner how they would support you during the development cycle? 

Ask them to describe to you every stage of the project and a detailed working plan. You can use a tracking system to keep yourself updated with the project and use other management tools to stay connected with the team and give feedback.

Similarly, you also have to make sure if the technical partner will be there to help you deal with any issues that arise after the implementation of the project. There can be unseen issues with the system, website, etc., and you need to take immediate actions to resolve those issues. Therefore, the support of a technical partner after the completion of the project is equally important.

Find out about the company operating:

  • Do they have a clear operation system?
  • Do they provide the tools to follow the progress and control the development process?
  • Are they open to adjusting their system to your specific needs?
  • Do they try to understand long-term goals and priorities?
  • Do they develop the product scalably?
  • Will they support after the product is ready?
  • Do they have scope to support you in other areas of your business in future?

Technical partners also play a huge role when it comes to maximizing your investment. Either cutting off unnecessary expenses or suggesting a better model, an excellent technical partner will always help you scale your business. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and put your needs on the table. Honest feedback and open communication will make the project run smoothly and build a sturdy connection. 

Remember, the right technical partner will never hide problems. The right technical partner will always suggest the best options.

Price consideration

As much as the quality of the service is crucial, the cost incurred in it also determines the firmness of the entire company. You want to get the most cost-effective service that can make 2-3x times more.

There can be events that might demand a new script or significant change. Having a well-made budget will keep you on track with spending and help you with effective decision-making.

Investing in your technical partner is also investing in the core of your company. Make sure you choose the best value for your company. In the end, your technical partner should add up value in the long run.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the cost justify the service/support provided by your technical partner?
  • Do they voluntarily suggest cost-effective alternatives and resources?
  • Are they offering clear and structured estimations for the project?
  • Do they keep supporting after the completion of the project?
  • Is it a win-win number for both parties?

Also, keep yourself open to adjusting the pricing, and the same goes for your potential technical partner. 

Expensive doesn’t mean best, and cheap certainly does not imply poor service.

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What else do you need from your technical partner? 
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