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You can boost the project’s performance, outcome, and smoothness with the right team members. However, finding the best-skilled individuals to be part of your team can take a long time, commitment, and surplus expenses. Staff augmentation services allow you to hire on-demand skilled professionals quickly for full-scale development.

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What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a service designed to fulfill the on-demand need of talents to add to your team. It allows businesses to find the right fit for the hard-to-fill or temporary positions in their organisation. You can hire additional talents to boost the efficiency and scalability of a project.

Companies worldwide use IT staffing to achieve their goal faster and cost-efficiently, bypassing every speed bump related to recruiting, sourcing, and retaining software engineers.


Short-Term Services

Companies require short-term services during increased demand for employees or unavailable in-house teams for a certain period.

Long-Term Services

The long-term service model is more suitable for big projects filling a skill gap, cutting operational costs, or not preferred in-house hiring processes.


When you need reliable workers to perform tasks that don’t require a specific skillset—for instance, factory or warehouse work, manual labor, etc.

Skill Based

When you need reliable workers to perform tasks that don’t require a specific skillset—for instance, factory or warehouse work, manual labor, etc.

Highly Skilled

You require more advanced skills that are only attainable via significant training and experience, which is also crucial. Here specialist matters the most than the generalist.


Access to larger talents

Staffing solutions allow firms to hire the best talent in the market without restricting themselves to the permanent hiring process. Organisations can immediately integrate excellent software engineers to add value to their projects. The firms can connect with experienced domain-centric professionals who can also bring new thought processes on board.


The second significant benefit of staff augmentation is cost-effectiveness. Organisations can hire talent in low-income countries at a minimal cost. Along with that, it also reduces training costs that incurs while recruiting new employees.

Easy Hiring

Companies can hire experienced professionals easily with workforce augmentation. Usually, software companies aspire to scale up operations, and on-demand staffing can provide individuals with specific skill sets. Businesses don’t have to deal with the long and tiring recruiting process.

Operational Efficiency

Startups, small businesses, or firms often have to bear substantial operational costs with minimal return on investment. Organisations like that can hire a dedicated developer team or remote developers to get the best in the market, and of course, reduce expenses.


The scalability of your organisation has become even more comfortable with the outsourcing model. You can risk taking up projects of all nature and never say no to your customer requirements. With workforce augmentation, you expand your corporate team according to the on-demand services. Moreover, the expanded workforce approach helps diversify services and provide quality solutions with temporary worker’s expertise.

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How does Staff Augmentation work?

Wolfmatrix provides the most skilled engineers and strategists from the pool of our available resources. You can hire an HR/client manager, training/certifications, regular reviews of development team performance, quality assurance analysis, and developer retention as per your necessity.

Whenever organisations need something to be done outside their expertise, they can hire augmented solutions. It can work as per below three steps:

Step 1

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Identifying talent gaps

See your project and analyse if your in-house team has the needed skills and time to fulfill the project themselves. Make a list of what resources and technologies are required to complete the project smoothly.

If you see a talent shortage on your team to handle the project, then get in touch with the augmented service provider to fill the gaps.

Step 2

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Onboarding and work integration

The second step will be settling the terms and conditions, signing contracts and NDAs. Introduce the new team members into your company, inform them of technical concepts, and design a plan to work further.

Step 3

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Managing the process

The last step involves managing the project with your augmented staff while learning and relearning various aspects. Make sure the roles are apparent and the objectives/goals clearly defined.

How does IT differ from other services?

Staff Augmentation vs Managed Services

Temporary staffing solutions are employed to expand the existing department. Usually, businesses choose this cooperation when they do not need to hire someone permanently. On the other hand, managed service implies hiring a fully-equipped organisation of professionals who will maintain and support the project.

With external staffing, firms can expand the in-house team with additional resources, and with managed services, firms hire a whole team/department.

Staff Augmentation vs Consulting

Staff augmentation allows businesses to get an expert on the team to assist in the project’s overall development. Whereas consulting means the pay-only service that increases performance, optimises value, and reduces business volatility risks.

With it, businesses can expand their portfolio to non-core services, adding expert team members to the in-house team. Likewise, companies can have complete control over the crucial aspects of the project and lower the risks while working with data-sensitive projects.

Staff Augmentation vs Outsourcing

The staff augmentation model offers a flexible and scalable approach. During the project’s duration, the in-house team temporarily integrates external experts who work on-site to assist with the project.

Conversely, outsourcing involves collaborating with a remote software house, entrusting them with entire projects. This comprehensive partnership encompasses various software-related services such as UI/UX design, analysis, project management, quality assurance, maintenance, and support.

Outsourcing entails relinquishing direct control over specific business operations, while bringing in external engineering resources involves maintaining direct oversight of the team.

Wolfmatrix as your technical partner for Staff Augmentation Services

Wolfmatrix, an app development company, helps you acquire skilled professionals to meet your IT goals and fill team gaps. Our staffing solutions ensure high-quality input for your tech initiatives, keeping your business current with market changes.

We offer reliable and cost-effective workforce expansion services to boost Australian businesses’ productivity. Our top 1% app developers seamlessly integrate into your workflow, whether you need a single developer or a full dedicated team. Our flexible partnership model adapts to your business needs.

Choosing Wolfmatrix means benefiting from:

  • Custom recruitment tailored to your needs
  • Predictable monthly costs
  • High developer commitment
  • Flexibility in scaling your team
  • Direct communication with staff
  • Access to certified IT professionals
  • Critical skillsets for IT operations
  • Project-specific expertise
  • Support for existing IT functions
  • Rapid assembly of qualified and creative teams

Partner with Wolfmatrix to enhance your technical capabilities and drive your business forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Staff Augmentation important?

Staff augmentation helps businesses to fill the skill gap with the best talents in the market. It is an affordable, convenient, flexible, and adaptable alternative.
Businesses can get away with the hassle of the hiring process and reduce payroll along with operational costs. Staff augmentation balances the quality and quantity in the business organizations to accomplish their goals.

What is Resource augmentation?

Resource augmentation is also known as contracts. As per the length of the project, companies hire a contractor who helps them complete it on time. It allows the company to stay away from the permanent commitments of hiring.
It is a cost-effective and flexible outsourcing strategy. The process includes hiring tech talents globally from a third party on a contractual basis. Resource augmentation plays a profitable role for start-ups, mid-tier, and large enterprises. Both in-house teams and augmented resources work closely to achieve the project result.

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