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Simplify Your Enterprise’s Complex Business Process With Enterprise App Development Services.

Wolfmatrix can fine-tune your business’s monotonous and labouring processes with its outstanding enterprise in enterprise application development expertise.

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Global spending on Enterprise mobile applications hit USD $112 billion in 2020 — and iOS represented 65% of that spend.

Software We Develop

Choose from the range of options to bring your business the success it deserves.

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Why Choose Wolfmatrix As Your Enterprise App Development Partner?

We understand and commiserate how important quality and transparent services are for every business. We are the epitome of quality, expertise, dedication, and passion for app development. 

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Industry Expertise

We are experts in our industry. Still, we are also dedicated to researching and applying the best practice to our development process relevant to your business efficiency and relationship with your industry. 

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Personalized Approach

We take your business’s individuality as our primary guide to the application we develop. You will get nothing less than what you asked for and what is best for your business growth and customer experience.

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Transparent Process

With clear communication and transparency in every phase of development or stage of post-development, you can have confidence in your enterprise custom software development team.


Provide solutions, not problems

We are goal-oriented believers and go-getters who focus on finding solutions to your company requirements, complex process, and enterprise application development challenge rather than dwelling on problems. 


We execute the full app development process, from conception through delivery and continuous maintenance at affordable development cost.

Our Enterprise Application Development Service Highlights

Our team of developers put all our knowledge, skills, and expertise and treat every enterprise applications development project with utmost passion and dedication to meet the business goals. 

  • We provide custom software development services for enterprises to fit the best business strategy and overcome business challenges.
  • Our team of best software engineers can produce modern software solutions for complex enterprise business model and process.
  • Our expert enterprise app developers can provide digital evolution services for the existing software to modify and enhance the existing system for a compelling brand experience.
  • Our service includes exceptional experience design, product management, and data management solutions. 
  • Exiting software integration and automation with the new product can be seamlessly easy despite the size of project or project requirements.
  • We use skilled resources that showcase product customizations and in modernising outdated software with advanced technologies and methods. 
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Wolfmatrix has provided ongoing development services for MediPro DIrect and Vanguard Genetics for several years. During this time, Wolfmatrix and its principals, including Suman, have provided focused, dedicated support and ongoing communication. They have been fair in their pricing and resilient in dealing with any questions or concerns. If you have a development lead in-house or in-country, Wolfmatrix will be able to assist in moving your project forward more quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend this team.

Ryan Janeway, Founder, and CEO

MediPro Direct, Inc


We are an enterprise software development company with decades of knowledge and experience on the dominating application platforms that can make every product we build function flawlessly.

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Our Enterprise Application Development Process – From Idea To Value

Our dependable app development company will guide you through each phase of our modern application development process. We ensure that you stay informed and updated, turning your concept into customized enterprise solutions. Our team of expert app developers is committed to helping Australian businesses achieve their digital goals seamlessly.

  • Requirement Analysis, review and proposal
  • Planning and validating blueprints
  • Requirement of business analysis, review, and proposal
  • Detailed impact analysis, market analysis, and preliminary analysis
  • Planning and validating modular architecture or monolithic architecture
  • Cost estimation 
  • Intuitive user interfaces design and integrations
  • Copyright and label
  • Coding/Programming
  • Prototyping
  • Testing 
  • Deployment
  • Long-term maintenance services and support

Enterprise App Development Methodologies We Employ

Our clear and systematic methodologies to ensure that you get the best service and product.

Agile Methodology

The agile development process is a time-oriented methodology focused on gradually creating projects with higher adaptability and the possibility of change in the process directly.

Scrum Methodology

Much like Agile, this methodology is time-oriented and gradual; however, much of project responsibility falls on application developers with minimal involvement from the client. 

Feature-Driven Methodology

FDD is a strong match for smaller development teams since it still focuses on the aim of delivering usable software often and is notably client-centric.

Extreme Programming Methodology

Extreme Programming (or XP) aims to produce higher-quality software by following industry best practices. Like most Agile methodologies, XP encourages frequent releases in short development sprints.

Lean Methodology

Lean software development is a workflow technique and a mindset that includes concepts and behaviours. Lean is a method for bringing clarity, simplicity, and value into practical and purposeful businesses. It may give firms new life simply by aligning everyone behind “why” — the first step toward becoming that innovative, influential, and lucrative product.

Waterfall Methodology 

is a linear method with little room for change and follows regimental structural order.

Our Innovative Approaches

We passionately use our technology expertise and best and latest innovative solution to ensure that our collaborative approach to iterative development is up-to-date for successful enterprise application projects.

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Virtual Reality

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We have a proven track record of having successful collaborations with industries of all types

In our decades of experience in the tech industry and various programming languages across all platforms, we have developed various enterprise mobile solutions or the finest solutions for web applications on all kinds of projects among diversified businesses.

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Logistics and Transportation

Let’s work together

Your ideas and our execution with expertise for tailor-made solutions can together build an iconic masterpiece. 

Our Quality Assurance And Quality Control Approach

We go the extra length to ensure our quality assurance and quality control are up to the mark with the requirements of the business.

Quality controls:

We rigorously ensure and validate the stringent quality process that each and every development process meets the Criteria of ISO certification of software quality. 

From functional aspects to the structural design of the product, we execute what is perceived greatest quality in our projects. We take reviews, and expert opinions as reviews during development help us ensure the quality of our codes.

Code Quality

Code Quality Guideline

  • Quality coding tools
  • Adherence to coding standards
  • Best code review practices
  • When necessary, legacy code refactoring
  • Quality on time

Code Quality Measurement

  • Reliability
  • Maintainability
  • Testability
  • Portability
  • Reusability

Code Quality Metrics

  • Defect metrics
  • Complexity metrics
  • Halstead complexity metrics

Pricing Options for Our Services

                Choose from the most affordable pricing options for your business requirements.

The Fixed Rate

  • Feasibility study
  • Proof of Concept
  • Small Business Web app Development
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Amazon web services
Pay Per Contract

Consultation And Resource Price

  • Advisory Support
  • Business Analysis
  • Architectural design
  • Agile web app development
  • Existing application Evolution
  • Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Cloud solutions
  • Legacy system maintenance
End Of The Month Invoice

Per Support / Task-Based Rate

  • Application Support
  • The volume of Problems resolved
  • Troubleshooting
  • Business intelligence reports
  • Preventing maintenance
Charged per Support Ticket Opened

All-Inclusive Monthly Rate

  • In code defect fixes
  • functional/ features update or changes
  • Hourly rate of support
Invoiced monthly (cumulative of all hour based charges of a month)

Wolfmatrix’s Enterprise App Development FAQs

What enterprise software solution can Wolfmatrix provide?

Wolfmatrix can give dependable and modern solutions to assist business operations. We assist companies in automating activities and improving overall performance as part of smarter investment decisions.
Experts examine your needs and recommend the best solutions as a sustainable investment to address specific difficulties. Not only do we develop unique software, but we integrate it into the enterprise’s system and strengthen its infrastructure.
Our team conducts in-depth technical evaluations and recommends enhancements to maintain business competitiveness.

What is the enterprise application development process?

The enterprise application development process includes planning, designing, defining, programming, prototyping, testing, launching and maintenance.

What kind of maintenance and support do you provide post enterprise application development?

We provide on-demand support, a consistent stream of expert opinions on system management, and long-term, corrective, perfective, and adaptive maintenance and support post development of enterprise applications. 

Can I review the code during the application development process?

We assist and encourage our clients to review codes as it helps identify and fix bugs and improves the overall quality of codes. You can also review wireframes and design on-demand.

What is your policy on intellectual property?

As part of our intellectual property policy, we hand over complete code ownership to the client post product deployment.

Can the software development team of Wolfmatrix manage changes in requirements during the enterprise application development process?

Yes, we use methodologies that are adaptive to the changes made during the development process; hence the team of Wolfmatrix can manage any changes made during the enterprise application development process. 

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