Medipro Direct is an American business development company that provides medical solutions targeted for Medical Companies, Insurance Companies, and Agencies. We have been working with the Medipro Direct team since 2014 to upgrade and maintain their web-based application.

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Wolfmatrix has provided ongoing development services for MediPro DIrect and Vanguard Genetics for several years. During this time, Wolfmatrix and its principals, including Suman, have provided focused, dedicated support and ongoing communication. They have been fair in their pricing and resilient in dealing with any questions or concerns. If you have a development lead in-house or in-country, Wolfmatrix will be able to assist in moving your project forward more quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend this team.

Ryan Janeway, Founder and CEO

MediPro Direct, Inc

The Challenge

Finding a company that can provide digital transformation service and updates the old product according to the present market standard

Medipro was built in the late ’90s and bricked with multiple frameworks by different teams. Thus, it has been a challenging opportunity for them to advance the platform using new technology. However, we have been continuously working remotely with their team and providing digital transformation services, which is challenging for our team.

About Medipro Direct

Medipro Direct is a business development company specializing in the medical services industry


Medical Companies


Oregon, USA

Company Size

11-50 employees

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medipro direct dashboard
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The Solution

Providing digital transformation services and various technical solutions to the Medipro team for enhancing its system

We have been working remotely with the Medipro Direct Team since 2014,  to upgrade and maintain their legacy Insurance and DNA exams management system targeted at Medical Companies, Insurance companies, agencies, and agents. We are working on upgrading their old user interface to a modern ReactJS frontend, which provides their end users and employees with a responsive and easy-to-use web experience, automates their business process and provides valuable technical solutions which boost productivity. Along with providing digital transformation services. For example, auto-generated PDF documents/reports, chrome extensions to autofill vendor web forms, etc.

  • Identifying and fixing the bugs
  • Adding new features to the System
  • Maintaining and providing support
  • Changing the platform Using React Js for better User InterfaceDetailed Information on Places, Stay/Eat, Attractions, Side Trips, Trails, etc.

Services Offered

Business and Process Automation, digital transformation, System Upgrade and Integrations, Technical Consultation, Team outsourcing and Training, and Support

Service Period

2014 – Current


React Js, jQuery, Codeigniter PHP Framework, Propel, ORM

Wolfmatrix Team

3 team members

Want to upgrade your application or need technical solution?

We can provide you innovative solutions and revamp your old product as per the present market standard.

The Result

Upgrade and maintenance of the legacy Insurance and DNA exams management system of Medipro Direct

The Medipro direct is being constantly updated and maintained. The user likes using the fresh and new interface, which loads fast and has fewer bugs. And Medipro Direct seems to be happy with our enterprise solution and digital transformation services.

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