iOS Application Development Services

Obtaining flawless iOS application development services has never been simpler.

Wolfmatrix’s iOS application development team offers a captivating experience throughout the entire development process of your mobile application.

iOS application development
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The global outsourcing mobile app development market cost has reached a staggering figure of $88.9 billion.

Our Key Features


We are a leading iOS development company that offers comprehensive QA testing for seamless accessibility. 


Our team prioritises the visual aspect for the user to provide an attractive iOS application.

Easy Code Updates

Wolfmatrix facilitates smooth code updates on iOS applications to enhance efficiency and productivity.


Wolfmatrix, a company specialising in app development, provides top-notch mobile application development services, including best-in-class technology solutions. From mobile app design to device integration and administration, their services cover all aspects of iOS app development. The company’s goal is to make the process of turning a concept into a reality seamless and effortless for their client’s businesses.

Android App Development

Wolfmatrix has been developing mobile apps from the ground up, and our team of skilled developers has the ability to develop apps for any type of industry. At Wolfmatrix, we focus on Android app development and have the experience and awards to back it up. Our well-tested solutions are always delivered on time, and our coding practices follow the best practices in the industry.

IOS App Development

Our team of expert developers can work with you to bring your vision to life, whether you’re looking to develop a new app from scratch or update an existing one. We’ll ensure your app complies with Apple’s guidelines and optimises for the latest iOS software, so you can be confident it will provide a great user experience.

IOS App Development

Our team of expert developers can work with you to bring your vision to life, whether you’re looking to develop a new app from scratch or update an existing one. We’ll ensure your app complies with Apple’s guidelines and optimises for the latest iOS software, so you can be confident it will provide a great user experience.

Our iOS Application Development Services

We understand and commiserate how important quality and transparent services are for every business. Our iOS application development service is the epitome of quality, expertise, dedication, and passion for app development. 

 Custom IOS App Development

We offer customised iOS app development to clients based on their specific business needs and services.

iOS App Testing

Our team thoroughly tests the application at each stage of development to ensure a polished, error-free iOS app.

Multi-Platform Deployment

Our team integrates tailored mobile apps across multiple platforms for our clients, helping them expand their reach to a broader market.

Native iOS App Development

Wolfmatrix provides clients with a fully secure, scalable, and versatile native iOS application that promises optimal performance.

Easy Integration

We construct iOS applications that feature simple integrations and plugins, reducing unnecessary complexity to the apps.

Maintenance And Support

Our team is not just known to deliver the best iOS applications but also for quality maintenance and support, ensuring a smooth operational framework for it.

How we work

We understand and commiserate how important quality and transparent services are for every business. Our iOS Application Development Service is the epitome of quality, expertise, dedication, and passion for app development. 

Complete Research

The initial step involves thorough research into the client’s business before developing the application.

Wireframing Idea

Our team generates wireframes based on the fundamental idea; this later facilitates an improved understanding of the core concept and idea generation.

Integrating Technology

Wolfmatrix’s development team uses industry-standard technology, plugins, and resources available in the market.


The expertise of our developers ensures the optimal use of cutting-edge technologies for competitive iOS application development.


With thorough testing of the apps, our dedicated QA team guarantees it is free from malicious bugs and errors.

Launching and Maintenance

The dedicated team at Wolfmatrix finishes the app development effectively and also provides necessary support and maintenance per the requirements.

Why Choose WolfMatrix As Your App Development Partner?

We understand how crucial quality and transparency are for every business. Our app development company embodies quality, expertise, dedication, and passion. Our team of skilled app developers is committed to delivering top-notch app solutions tailored to the needs of businesses in Australia.

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Industry Expertise

Wolfmatrix is a leading mobile app development company with expertise in all kinds of app development projects in our industry. Still, we are also dedicated to researching and applying the best practices to our development process relevant to your business’s relationship with your industry. 

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Personalized Approach

We take your business growth and its individuality as our primary guide to the application we develop. You will get nothing less than what you asked for and what is the best mobile app solutions for your business. 

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Transparent Process

With clear communication and transparency in everything, you can have confidence in your application development team. You get a comprehensive consultation session from the beginning of the project.

Provide solutions, not problems.

We are goal-oriented believers and go-getters who focus on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems. We provide full service for native applications and cross-platform mobile application design, integration, and administration of Android and iPhone app development.

Interested to learn how we work?

We execute the full app development process, from conception through delivery and continuous maintenance.

Our Ios App Development Highlights

  • We conceptualise, plan, design, construct, integrate, implement, and maintain software systems from start to finish.
  • PMO (project management office) in-house — Our project managers have vast experience working across various mobile platforms, managing large, complex projects involving several suppliers and distant teams.
  • Business objectives, software quality, code quality, machine learning expertise, development process efficiency, project time and expenses (actual costs vs budget, budget to completion vs budget left, etc. ), team productivity, and customer/user happiness are all dependent on strict agreed-upon KPIs.
  • Rapid quality delivery – an MVP/first functioning software version is ready in 1-2 months, major releases happen every 2 weeks, and minor ISO 9001 certified quality monitoring happens every day.
  • The ISO 27001 certification assures that the customer data we access is secure.
  • Compliance with HIPAA, GAMP, PCI DSS, and other regulations.
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Wolfmatrix has provided ongoing development services for MediPro DIrect and Vanguard Genetics for several years. During this time, Wolfmatrix and its principals, including Suman, have provided focused, dedicated support and ongoing communication. They have been fair in their pricing and resilient in dealing with any questions or concerns. If you have a development lead in-house or in-country, Wolfmatrix will be able to assist in moving your project forward more quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend this team.

Ryan Janeway, Founder, and CEO

MediPro Direct, Inc


Our decades’ worth of knowledge and experience on the dominating application platforms can make every product we build function flawlessly.

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Mobile App Development Process- From Idea To Value

We will walk you through every step of our process, keeping you informed and updated on what goes into making your concept turn into something valuable. Our iterative approach in the entire development process will give you all the peace of your mind you deserve. 

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For Enterprise

Specification Draft

Choose Platforms

UI/ UX Design

Product Development 



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For Startups

Product Ideation

Marketing Research

Choosing Ideal Platforms

UI/UX Design

Product Development

Testing and Validating



Development Methodologies, We Employ

Our clear and systematic methodologies ensure you get the best service and product. Our clear and systematic methodologies ensure you get the best service and product to suit your every complex business scenario.

Agile Methodology

It is a project management approach designed specifically to develop complex software. It employs a collaborative approach that allows for quick change reaction.

Lean Startup Methodology

This methodology offers scientific solutions for startups and requires MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for new mobile application development initiation.

Prototype Methodology

Before moving on to the development step, this framework has the prototype evaluated by the client. Therefore, developers will need a prototype to grasp the requirements completely before designing the project.

Spiral Methodology

It is a risk-driven methodology that relies on the risk pattern of the project. It is suitable for large projects with high risks.

Waterfall Methodology

The model runs phases in sequential order; you must finish one phase before going on to the next. It is a thorough procedure from beginning to conclusion. The adjustments can only be made at the maintenance stage, which occurs after the product launches.

Our Innovative Approaches

We passionately use our projects’ best and latest innovations to ensure our approaches are up-to-date.

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Big Data

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Artificial Intelligence

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Data Science

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Internet of Things

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Computer Vision

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Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality - VR Icon

Virtual Reality

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We have a proven track record of having successful collaborations with industries of all types

In our decades of experience in the tech industry, we have worked on all kinds of projects among all kinds of sectors with all kinds of machine learning models for mobile device platforms.

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Banking and Financial Service

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Oil and Gas

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Logistics and Transportation

Let’s work together

Together, your vision and our hard work can create a groundbreaking and future-proof masterpiece of iOS app products.

OUR Quality Assurance And Quality Control Approach

We go the extra length to ensure our quality assurance and quality control are up to the mark.

Quality controls:

We meticulously ensure and verify that every development stage complies with the ISO certification standards. From functional aspects to the product’s structural design, we execute the highest quality in our projects.

Our Quality Assurance:

Code Quality Guideline

  • Quality coding tools
  • Adherence to coding standards
  • Best code review practices
  • When necessary, legacy code refactoring

Code Quality Measurement

  • Reliability
  • Maintainability
  • Testability
  • Portability
  • Reusability

Code Quality Metrics

  • Defect metrics
  • Complexity metrics
  • Halstead complexity metrics

Let’s work together

Your idea and our efforts can build an iconic masterpiece of future-proof mobile app products together. 

Pricing Options for Our Services

                Choose from the most affordable pricing options for your business requirements.

The Fixed Rate

  • Feasibility study
  • Proof of Concept
  • Small Business Web app Development

Pay Per Contract

Consultation And Resource Price

  • Advisory support
  • Business Analysis
  • Architectural design
  • Agile software development
  • Existing application Evolution

End Of The Month Invoice

Per Support / Task-Based Rate

  • Application Support
  • The volume of Problems resolved
  • Troubleshooting

Charged per Support Ticket Opened

All-Inclusive Monthly Rate

  • In-code defect fixes
  • Functional/ features update or changes
  • Hourly rate of support

Invoiced monthly (cumulative of all hour-based charges of a month)

Wolfmatrix’s ios App Development FAQs

How much do companies charge for iOS app development?

Most app development companies like Wolfmatrix usually charge according to the scale of the project. It varies depending on the needs and wants of the clients and other aspects of the development.

What is the platform you use to build iOS applications?

There are several platforms and tools available for building iOS applications. Some of the popular ones that Wolfmatrix uses are Xcode, Swift, React Native, Flutter, Cordova/PhoneGap, and many more.

How much time will it take to develop the application?

The time required to develop any application depends upon the features, levels, and requirements asked from the client’s side.

What language do you need for iOS development?

The main programming language for iOS development is Swift, a robust, high-speed, and user-friendly language that was developed by Apple. Objective-C can also be utilized for iOS development, but it is less frequently utilised compared to Swift.

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