Empowered by Innovation, Driven by Values

Different is Welcome

The best thing about our team is that it is diverse. We have people with different experiences, points of view, values, and backgrounds. That  makes us practice viewing problems from others’ perspectives on a daily basis. No wonder we understand your problem and deliver tailor made solutions like no one else does!

Continuous Improvement

If there is one thing that everyone at Wolfmatrix believes in then it is this: ‘Compete with yourself and cooperate with others’. We continuously raise our bars. Our dedication to Continuous Improvement is rooted in everything we do; striving to create a better product, a better user experience, and become a better company.

Driven to Win

We approach each day with a positive and winning mindset. It’s what pushes us to achieve our goals as a team and as a company. We believe in creating a fun work environment, where work feels like play and achievements can be celebrated.

Demystifying Processes

We aim to be transparent in all we do, having clear and open communication with everyone in the company as well as our users is a top priority. We never want anyone to be negatively surprised due to opacity.

We value Relationships

Keeping our customers happy is our main priority. We take customer feedback very seriously and take every opportunity to improve our product. But as a true tech partner does, we are not afraid to say ‘No’ when needed.

Cultivating Leadership

We like to cultivate leaders at Wolfmatrix and empower all of our team members. This means setting high standards for ourselves as well as others around us. Each team member owns their work and its result as well as its impact. Taking the time to educate and learn from our peers is what sets us apart.

Our story
We take pride in being a young and hungry company though established years ago by a group of entrepreneurs and engineers with decades of experience. We make awesome web and mobile apps and truly believe in the transformative power of easy to use softwares and their ability to make impeccable impact to businesses or society. ‘Idea to Implementation’ is our motto.   IN ADDITION to making great tech products, we believe passionately in travel, naps, good food, great friends, long talks, broadened horizons and a spirit of adventure. But Good softwares and good relationships come from collaboration. So we're excited to start a dialogue, learn about you, and make something beautiful together.

We are Hiring

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a member of our #WolfSquad ?