From Functionality to Use: Web Application vs Enterprise Application Explained

web application vs enterprise application

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  • What are web applications and enterprise applications?
  • How do they work?
  • Their architecture.
  • Their characteristics and features.
  • Examples.
  • Finally, their differences.

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What is a web application?

A web application is a software or program accessible using a web browser. Users can access and interact with web applications from any Internet-connected device. 

Most websites contain web applications. Web apps make it easier for users to connect with businesses. Users interact with companies through online forms, content management systems, shopping carts, etc. So, if you want to build persuasive web applications, you can hire a web application development agency that can understand your vision and goals.

Also, web apps make it easier for employees to create documents and share information. It’s easier to collaborate on projects through web apps. 

The remote server stores the web apps. So, it isn’t affected by the user’s location and the device. Many users can access the same documents at the same time using web apps. 

The architecture of web application:

an architecture of web application

Based on client-server architecture, the web app uses server-side and client-side scripts. 

Server-side scripts, PHP and ASP, handles the storage and information retrieval. Likewise, client-side scripts JS and HTML present information to the users.

How does web application work?

The working mechanism of a web application is as follows:

  • A user makes a request to the webserver over the Internet. A browser or application user interface generates the request. 
  • The web server forwards the request to the web application server.
  • The web application server executes the requested task and generates the result. 
  • The web application server sends the result back to the webserver.
  • The web server sends the result to the user. The user device displays the result. 

Web Application Examples:

Common examples of web applications are online forms, word processors, and spreadsheets. The web app also includes shopping carts, webmail, photos, and video editing. Besides, email programs such as Gmail and Yahoo are also web applications.

According to a report, about 12 million-24 million eCommerce sites are operating around the world. In 2020, eCommerce went on to gross $4 trillion in sales. It’s estimated to collect $6 trillion by 2024. 

Web apps such as shopping carts are essential for eCommerce websites. Apps make it easier for the buyer to order and buy the items online. It facilitates smooth transactions between the company and the client. 

What is an enterprise application?

An enterprise application is a large-scale complex software. They perform specific tasks in a corporate environment. Large-scale companies, businesses, and governments need such applications to operate. 

Enterprise application supports 

  • Customer and quality management,
  • Proper use of available resources, 
  • Controls and monitors business processes and operations, contributing to revenue generation, 

Enterprise application consists of a group of programs. It is complex, scalable, distributed, component-based, and mission-critical. 

The architecture of enterprise application:

architecture of enterprise application
Source: Online Visual Paradigm

Enterprise architecture is the base of an enterprise application. It is a framework defining the structure and operations of an organization.

It assists organizations in organizing their IT resources and infrastructure. Organizing helps organizations to align with the business goal. It aids in implementing an effective IT strategy and plan of action.

Characteristic and features of Enterprise Application:

The common characteristic of enterprise application includes:

  • Integration with more enterprise applications, 
  • Scalable,
  • Mission-critical,
  • Consisting of a suite of programs,
  • Distributed

Enterprise Application Examples:

Customer Relationship Management such as salesforce and Hubspot are enterprise applications. 

It also includes instant messaging such as slack. Project management applications such as asana, Trello is also an enterprise application. 

Web Application vs Enterprise Application

Enterprise application is a suite of programs, whereas a web app is a piece of software. They differ in their core function and purpose.

Web apps are accessed using a web browser over the Internet. Most web apps are general-purpose software. 

But enterprise applications are large-scale software. It addresses an entire organization’s needs rather than an individual. 

Enterprise architecture is large and complex, containing many processes and functions compared to web apps. It aligns IT resources with the business goals of a company. 

Users need enterprise applications for various purposes in an organization. Enterprise applications have different levels of access for users. Further, it has specific functionality for specific roles. Thus, contributes to the digital transformation of the organization. 


The application development trend is always evolving and upgrading as a result of new innovations and technologies. Thus, businesses are shifting to digital platforms to increase their connectivity and productivity. It leads to revenue growth. 

Web applications and enterprise applications help businesses to coordinate and manage daily operations. Also, it aids companies in maintaining connections with customers. 

These applications serve two different purposes. But both assist in making tasks smooth and effortless for users. To explore the challenges faced in developing enterprise applications, check out our blog post on Challenges of Enterprise Applications Development.

In case you’re wondering what the distinctions are between a website and a web application, check out our in-depth blog article “Website vs Web Application.”

We hope that this article was able to provide you with valuable information. Please feel free to drop your queries and questions. You can contact Wolfmatrix for any kind of app development in Australia. Our team of expert app developers is ready to help you in any way possible.

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