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Enterprise Application Development

To stay on top of the changing IT industry, companies should consider their future needs when investing in an innovative enterprise application development and solution that will grow with them. You need to invest in a company that can offer these solutions and guides you through this process.

If you're ready to find the best fit for your organization's needs, then look no further than Wolfmatrix!

Our team of expert developers is best at what they do and will deliver a final effective and efficient product. Trust Wolfmatrix to handle every aspect from consulting and design & build through testing & QA to maintenance and support. So whether you’re starting fresh or improving an existing solution – our extensive expertise has got you covered!

Enterprise Application Development Services

We provide enterprise services and solutions to help you ace your business. We own dauntless initiatives and appropriate technologies to suppress the market tumult.

Business and Process Automation

Drop repetitive and futile tasks affecting your efficiency and productivity. Automate such tasks with our effortless business and process automation service.

System Upgrade and Integrations

Upgrade and integrate your system as per your user and market’s demand. Our enterprise software integration solution gives you an edge over your competitors.

Technical Consultation

Enhance your business processes and functionality with technical consultation and enterprise solutions backed by an action plan, research, and years of experience.

Team outsourcing

Hire a dedicated, skilled offshore development team to collaborate and share their technical expertise for your project from our pool of expert developers.

Training and Support

As per your business need, we provide support and system maintenance. Plus, receive knowledge transfer sessions and training for the in-house technical team.

Why Wolfmatrix for Enterprise Application Development?

What differentiates Wolfmatrix from the competitors is our superior technical expertise and experience. Our cutting-edge innovative approach to software development and enterprise solutions is unmatched.

Domain expertise

We have experience resolving technical issues on vivid expertise by immersing into profound research and acquiring insight into your relationship with the industry.

A clear understanding of business needs

We understand your business need and provide service which doesn’t add issues and costs during operation, upgrade, maintenance and integration.

Excellent Management

Our collaboration and communication skill is highly praised and loved by the business. Plus, our experienced team members make sure they always provide high-quality solutions.

Provide solutions, not problems

We always consider that technical solutions should solve the problems, not create the problems themselves or complicate your work.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Any business specialist understands the pain of losing a potential client at the very last minute. There will be moments where you can often fail to close down a deal, upsell your clients, cross-sell, or market your current existing customers with those new products.

That is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comes into play. CRM also can be described as a brain-possessing contact list. It gives you an essential outline of the exact position you are in with your customer.

CRM includes in-person encounters via social media, phone and email, and likely customer service calls.

Project Management Tools

Project management application allows you to communicate with colleagues from all over the world. It makes it easier to set goals or targets; this will update any team member to complete the task.

Typically, tools like this offer an outline of all current tasks. And encourage you to dig into each of them to review every accomplishment, every detail, and next task you need to complete to keep your progress on track.

 Marketing Automation

Tools like the marketing automation app allow marketing teams to spend less time manually. And it ensures efficient launching of marketing campaigns on time.

As your company gets expanded, You will need to simplify your regular marketing operation. It will take so much time to connect on a mailing list with each client or respond to Facebook comments.

That’s why enterprise software for marketing automation tech is so realistic. These applications and tools allow you to quickly and easily automate contact with your audience through email, SMS, social media, and digital advertising.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

The ERP software takes all the business products, digitizes them, and builds network topology around them, ensuring that all perform with the same core documents and up-to-date information. ERP also provides that various enterprise software tools, including CRM or project management systems, are portrayed in sync.

Implementing the ERP will significantly clean up how larger organizations work by making processes and workflows more organized and clear. They also provide valuable perspectives that help to recognize bottlenecks and inefficiencies and also to improve future planning.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Working in a competitive business environment involves ensuring that the data analysis follows the highest quality requirements. Your business position should also be found where you are now, how you got there, and where you need to be.

Here’s where BI software works by extracting, harmonizing, and summarizing data from all your sources of data. And allowing you to run queries that obtain helpful information from these various sources. Such observations are typically presented in dashboards, which tell you how the business is doing and how much progress you are making on reaching your KPIs at a glance.

Enterprise Application Development Life Cycle

Enterprise Application Development is no different from any other application development and governed by the SDLC process. It consists of the following steps:

Enterprise Application Design phase 

First, you need to consider how the software improves employees’ and clients’ lives. It is crucial to set goals precisely to have the app’s impact on your business. Once you decide on your set goals, the application development team will determine the provided software’s function.

Enterprise Application Development phase

When you understand what your enterprise application wants to look like, the development phase will begin. The developer will create a code that meets the user’s software and needs the entire time. The enterprise application development should reflect its users’ needs according to the user experience and ease to use.

Testing and Deployment phase

After the application development process, the following process tests the app thoroughly with the source of code and documentation. The testing phase must be comprehensive. The software should meet relevant user experience. After testing, if you are satisfied with the software’s performing skill, it is time to safely release the work with your developer to determine a deployment time frame.

Application Maintenance

The app development is not complete even after deployment. Your company needs to maintain and upgrade apps constantly. Your company may need any additional features or scalability in the future as well.

What Do We Offer ?


The quality of a software product is scalability. An Enterprise Application should be scalable when the customer requirements demand it to be. A product that is just not scalable will collapse out of business in a small amount of time. Scalability defines the software’s development and progression, performance, features, and any feature it finds necessary.


Businesses rely heavily on a third-party enterprise application to operate. The enterprise app should always be available to use even if the app development is in process.


Since an enterprise application deals with sensitive information, it should always be reliable. Any critical mistake in the app should be fixed in the enterprise application development phase itself.


Data security is one of the significant aspects of enterprise application development. Any application providing features such as a billing system should not leak its users’ sensitive information to other platforms.

Mobile-Friendly Design

An enterprise application can be based upon both web and mobile applications. The requirements of the web application may differ from a mobile feature.  So, the enterprise application should have both mobile and web integration design to meet user requirements.

Invisible Maintenance

Continuous enterprise application development shouldn’t degrade the enterprise application’s performance.  Developers should develop a beta version of the app to bring new changes to the app.

Performance Speed

Almost all applications are tested in terms of load and performance in the enterprise application development phase.


The problem of storage is a crucial one. It should be regarded with a lot of information in the development of enterprise software. And not just because one works with massive amounts of data, it must also be appropriately saved to be used in the future. To assess efficiency through an audit, see if it can be improved, business analysis, etc.


Any application development should consider portability, let alone the enterprise application development community. The application should be able to function on different hardware and operating system.


 The development process of a business application is complex.  Many applications must have compatibility with other applications to operate.  E.g., a company billing system should be able to connect to your bank account to conduct any monetary transaction.

FAQs about Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise application development is a complex process of creating customized applications for corporate purposes. They're custom-tailored to meet critical business needs. They can be deployed on any number of platforms across networks, intranet, etc., with enterprise-wide design considerations in mind, too - from the first scribble all way through testing.

Enterprise software is a type of computer program that supports and solves problems for organizations rather than individuals. These can be large-scale businesses, schools, or charities. Enterprise applications are designed for use by the whole team rather than just one person or group at a time. 

The major benefit of enterprise applications is that they improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the company. Thanks to a better information workflow, simpler IT infrastructure with process automation helps automate time-consuming tasks like data storage or standardization. Plus, enterprise applications can help an organization recognize opportunities quickly while also addressing shifts in their market and customer reputation management issues, if there are any. 

Enterprise applications are complex systems that require delicate planning and expertise. Without awareness in the development phase, it can be costly and frustrating for enterprises who purchase enterprise application solutions without understanding how they will work or what benefits their chosen technology may offer them. As a result, you must pay careful attention to the do's and don'ts of enterprise application development.

Andrew Hely CEO

Over the past 4 years, Wolfmatrix have been a critical part of Concerto Analytics success. Accelerating our product vision including major releases and product capabilities is a key part of our business strategy and G2M. As our offshore development partner, the Wolfmatrix team have worked tirelessly to help us succeed, and have capably delivered all major and minor releases on time and budget. As CEO of Concerto Analytics, I cannot recommend the Wolfmatrix team highly enough to organisations running large an...Continue reading

Andrew Hely, CEO

Concerto Analytics

Andrew Hely CEO

Andrew Hely


Concerto Analytics

Over the past 4 years, Wolfmatrix have been a critical part of Concerto Analytics success. Accelerating our product vision including major releases and product capabilities is a key part of our business strategy and G2M. As our offshore development partner, the Wolfmatrix team have worked tirelessly to help us succeed, and have capably delivered all major and minor releases on time and budget. As CEO of Concerto Analytics, I cannot recommend the Wolfmatrix team highly enough to organisations running large and complex projects leveraging a strategic offshore development partner.

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