What is the difference between IT Services, IT Consulting and Software Consulting?

Wolfmatrix Australia IT Services Vs IT Consulting VS Software Consulting

With the emergence of cutting-edge technologies in the last few decades, every business owner has to adapt in the new digital economy. However, someone who is not tech-savvy will need guidance on what IT assistance their company requires.

In this blog, we will discuss three types of IT assistance IT services, IT consulting, and software consulting. At first glance, these terms may look similar. But in reality, they all have different functions.

IT services help implement solutions and offer expertise to enhance business processes.  On the contrary, IT consulting focuses on giving strategic advice on improving and adjusting solutions to reach desired goals. Software consulting, on the other hand, is a B2B service that uses IT and software expertise to analyse the technological needs of your organisation.

What is IT Consulting?

IT Consulting company collaborates with clients to fix IT issues. An IT consultant is an experienced individual in the company who provides expert advice for a fee. They help clients to create IT strategies, determine the right technology and use the right tool in the cloud data centre. 

They understand required features in a product or service to satisfy customers and the market. Companies hire them for their tech expertise. IT consulting provides professional guidance in digital transformation and system management.

In Australia, the typical cost of hiring an IT consultant is around $40 on average.

What is IT Service?

Many companies opt to hire IT service providers to handle specific tech-related tasks. This may include managing information security and compliance, providing backup and recovery solutions, or hosting websites. 

IT service providers are outsourced employees who work on your technology needs, like creating a website or offering advice on cybersecurity strategies. Additionally, these service providers take care of any technical issues that may arise, such as software fixes, hardware installations, or providing technical support.

As Managed Service Providers (MSPs), these companies are responsible for maintaining equipment like servers, firewalls and routers in a secure way. The major benefits of IT service management are increased operational efficiency, reduced spending, improved visibility and streamlined communication. The average cost of hiring an IT service manager is $60.

What is Software Consulting?

Software consulting is a B2B service focused on solving IT issues of clients.  Software consultants use IT and software expertise to analyse existing software and assess technological needs. They also work to find the right software solution for a given business model and implement it.  

Software consulting companies provide strategic advice to their clients. This consulting does not involve writing code or fixing bugs; rather it is about sharing insights on current industry trends and right software for your company.  The knowledge will help a company to optimise its processes and reach goals more efficiently. Software consultants help you make informed decisions, optimise workflows and achieve better project outcomes through their expertise and insights. Hiring a software consultant can cost around $100 to $200 per hour.

The difference between IT Consulting and IT Service?

The best way to understand this comparison is to focus on the benefits of both.

IT services provide a complete package to clients. With IT services, you receive tangible products at the end. The companies also frequently adjust, enhance, and maintain your IT setup.

On the other hand, IT consulting services work by focusing on strategy and providing information. They start by evaluating your business model, understanding your specific needs and then advise you to find the best solutions. IT consultants often collaborate with IT service companies to implement their ideas. Learn more about the difference between IT Consulting and IT Service in our other blog, “What is the difference between and MSP and IT consulting?

The difference between IT Service and Software Consulting?

IT services combine technical and business knowledge to assist organizations in creating, managing, and enhancing access to information and business processes. The companies provide these services by combining their resources including products, expertise and process.

Software consulting takes a distinct approach. Software consultants guide companies to make decisions on software systems and propose or create suitable software solutions. With their expertise and know-how, software consultants can pinpoint the ideal software for your company. Their recommendations are usually quite detailed. Software consultants also assess the improvement of productivity, efficiency, revenue, and return on investment (ROI) with the use of software.

The difference between Software Consulting and IT Consulting?

IT consulting and software consulting are very different. An IT consultant evaluates the client’s business environment and IT setup, aligning them with business objectives. This assessment enables the IT consultant to advise on the broader strategy and the specific technology to be implemented.

On the other hand, a software consultant has a more focused role. These specialists focus on identifying the most suitable software for a company. They also assist the company in discovering innovative ways to make the most of that software.

Do IT Services, IT Consulting and Software Consulting have similarities?

IT service providers, IT consultants, and software consultants share various common characteristics. For example, all professionals have a strong foundation in technology, a common objective of improving businesses through technology. All of them work with a client-centric approach and evaluate and provide advice on technology requirements. However, they all have their focus areas. While IT services contain a broad range of technology-related tasks, IT consulting prioritises the formulation of complete IT strategies. On the other hand, software consulting is about software-related guidance and solutions.

The Difference Between IT Services vs IT Consulting vs Software Consulting

The following are the differences between IT Services, IT Consulting and Software Consulting

AspectIT ServicesIT ConsultingSoftware Consulting
FocusOperational support and maintenanceStrategic advice and planningSoftware development advice
NatureExecution of specific tasks/projectsAdvisory and guidanceAdvisory with a software focus
ScopeBroad, covers various IT functionsStrategic business and ITSpecific to software projects
Client InteractionReactive, based on client requestsProactive, involves problem-solvingCollaborative, ongoing discussion
DeliverablesTangible services and solutionsRecommendations, strategiesSoftware solutions, expertise
GoalKeep IT systems running efficientlyImprove overall business performanceDeliver effective software solutions
ExamplesHelpdesk support, system maintenanceIT strategy development, process improvementSoftware architecture, development advice
Difference Between IT Services vs IT Consulting vs Software Consulting
Wolfmatrix Australia difference between IT Services, IT Consulting and Software Consulting

How to choose the best service for your business?

Choosing the right IT service depends upon many factors. You must decide the right service for your business based on your needs. To make well-informed decisions, you must evaluate your business. You need to understand your challenges and align IT strategy with business objectives. You must also identify areas that require expertise, which means the right IT service to meet your technological requirements.

Budget consideration is also very important when choosing the best IT service for your business. There are different services at different price points and you can choose one according to your budget.

However, make sure that you select quality IT support so that you can work smoothly without any friction.

How can Wolfmatrix help you?

Wolfmatrix is the leading IT consultant based in Australia, with over seven years of experience. Our goal is to assist companies in leveraging technology to boost management efficiency, reduce costs, and gain better control in the market. We aim to help our clients succeed by providing creative solutions that enhance their efficiency and competitiveness. Wolfmatrix has helped many businesses reach their goals. Additionally, we work with clients in the Consumer, Legal, Energy and Resources, and Healthcare industries. If you need IT consulting services to achieve your business goals, Wolfmatrix is always ready to assist you. Contact Wolfmatrix to get an estimate of the consulting service for your business.

FAQs on IT Services vs IT Consulting vs Software Consulting

A software consultant is an IT professional who advises on strategy, design, building, and sometimes implementation of software to solve IT-related problems.

IT services consist of equipment monitoring and maintenance and management of IT systems. Besides, it also includes network monitoring, remote monitoring and management of services and various other support services.

There are eight main types of IT consulting:

  • IT Strategy
  • IT Architecture
  • IT implementation
  • ERP services
  • System Integration
  • Data Analytics
  • IT security
  • Software management.

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