What does an IT consulting company actually do?

What does an IT consulting company actually do

An IT consulting company works with clients to help them solve IT issues. These consultants review your organisation’s goals, challenges, requirements and analyse IT processes. Subsequently, they devise a strategic plan and recommend the right IT tool to help you reach the desired state.

What is an IT Consulting Company?

An IT consulting company collaborates with clients to construct a technological strategy for digital transformation or fix IT-related issues. These companies work closely with businesses and organisations to help them effectively use technology to achieve their goals and overcome challenges. Many consulting firms focus on specific areas, such as:

  • Technology Strategy
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Cloud services
  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • Cybersecurity and its regulations
  • IT Support and Maintenance

Consultants study what your business requires. Then, they advise and propose new equipment and software. Learn more about it in our blog “What is IT Consulting and Why is it Important?.”

What services does an IT consulting company provide?

IT consultants step in to assist when businesses face IT-related challenges or need help with technology consultants.

The companies provide these kinds of consulting services to the clients:

IT assessment

An IT consulting company spots issues by thoroughly examining your current systems and procedures. These insights help the IT consultants to plan a suitable strategy for your business. These strategies make IT systems better, save money, keep you updated with the latest technological trends, and enhance security and management.

IT strategy development

IT consulting can revamp the existing IT plan to enhance the processes of your business. They can also craft a new strategy to introduce advanced technologies and systems.

Software Development

IT consulting companies create custom software or advise on off-the-shelf solutions tailored to business needs.

Project Management

IT consulting companies oversee IT projects to ensure timely and budget-friendly delivery.

Business Process Improvement

IT consulting companies streamline processes through technology, implementing automation for efficiency.

Market Research and Technology Trends Analysis

IT consulting companies Keep clients informed about the latest tech trends and advise on emerging technologies.

Risk Management

IT consulting companies help handle security risks by pinpointing loopholes in the system that might lead to major breakdowns. They devise strategies to address technical crises.

Governance & Compliance

IT consulting services ensure your company’s IT system follows the rules and regulations, helping you avoid legal issues and operate smoothly.

Wolfmatrix Australia What Services Does an IT Consulting Company Provide

Why is an IT consultant beneficial for you?

IT consultants benefit in establishing the framework for implementing new technology and updating the old technologies. Companies often lack expertise in advanced technical systems, so consultants leverage their specialised knowledge to formulate a strategic plan.

Here’s how an IT consultant can be beneficial for your company.

  • Managed IT services- IT consultants offer comprehensive system maintenance within outsourcing contracts. This does not require you to hire in-house developers to maintain the system, which reduces your cost.
  • Study of your Business Flow- IT consultants analyse your business operation, understand the issues and enhance your business, which reduces cost, makes the process smooth and increases productivity.

What will an IT consulting Company do for you?

What IT consultants do depends on the kind of consulting you choose. Nonetheless, their standardised process can be divided into three steps: research, analysis and presentation.


The first step of an IT consulting company is to do the research. It is done based on financial statements, customers and many more.

Here’s what the research steps look like:

Getting to know your customer: IT consultants will research the customer’s challenges and opportunities. They have conversations with stakeholders inside and outside the organisation to understand the scenario. IT consultants will collect annual data reports, financial statements and other strategic documents and develop strategic plans for growth.

Learning about the field your customer works in: IT consultants will learn about the current trends, competitive threats, regulations and overall industry profitability. They will refer to investment banking reports, resources, media articles and interviews to understand your company better and plan for its growth.

Finding the most important information: After IT consultants understand your customers and the industry, they will share the key themes, trends and findings with your team. This is a great way to combine your understanding and approach to solve your client’s problem.


At this stage, IT consultants will collect data and analyse it. With the analysis, they will be able to evaluate if their strategy will be helpful to the company. Here’s what the process looks like:

Aggregating data:
IT consultants divide the data into two kinds: quantitative and qualitative.
Quantitative data consists of data containing numbers like balance sheets and income statements.
Qualitative data consists of interviews and surveys. IT consultants will also analyse specific clients, data from industry research and internal firm databases.

Analysing data: Once IT consultants gather all the required information, they analyse it. This analysis will guide them in creating recommendations that will help your company.

Communicating and Presenting findings

Good communication is a must skill for IT consultants as it will lead to better results. When consultants communicate effectively, the client can improve their processes and ultimately enhance their end product or service.
Good IT consultants use the power of technology to communicate effectively with your team. IT consultants mostly use PowerPoint to communicate with you.

Why should you hire an IT Consulting Company?

From conducting IT research to redesigning the current strategy, IT consulting firms offer a wide range of services. Although consultants may not solve the technical details of products or applications, they adopt a more strategic approach to guide product development.

Reduction of cost

Cost-effectiveness is one of the major benefits of outsourcing. By bringing in IT consultants, companies can cut expenses compared to retaining full-time employees, which is necessary even after a project concludes.

Specialised Skills

An IT consulting company has the know-how, expertise, and ability to resolve technical challenges. Therefore, when you require a solution for a particular problem, like enhancing business processes, or if you don’t have an in-house IT team, the consultant brings in the needed expertise to solve your issues.

Maximise Opportunities

IT consultants identify and take full advantage of the opportunities to improve and grow in the technology and business areas they specialize in to maximize opportunities for your organisation.

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FAQs on What does an IT consulting company actually do?

Businesses need IT consultants because they help businesses pinpoint potential vulnerabilities and areas of enhancement. They assess your business requirements and suggest automation and improvements to make processes more efficient.

The difference between IT services and IT consulting primarily lies in IT services putting solutions into action and offering expertise to assist businesses in developing and enhancing their processes. On the other hand, IT consulting services offer strategic guidance on adapting or improving solutions to achieve specific objectives.

IT consultancy helps companies identify IT issues and implement solutions. It includes assessing cybersecurity threats and maintaining and repairing existing infrastructure.

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