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Wolfmatrix conducted 25 days React JS training to enhance the Supreme Court IT team’s skill and knowledge about React JS. The training was provided by two of our best developers, Arjun Ghimire and Santosh Mahat. They have years of experience in their hand and proper skills to provide quality training. Plus, it would be a great opportunity for our developers to establish themselves as a professional and increase their network.

Objective of React JS Training

The main objective of this course was to:

  • Enhance the skill and knowledge of IT team professionals of Supreme Court and
  • provide training to Supreme Court’s Software development team of 6 developers; to be able to build a scalable application with industry standards and best practices
25 days React JS Training conducted by Wolfmatrix

25 days React JS Training conducted by Wolfmatrix

In the 25 days training our developers covered the following topic:

Course Content

  • Basic Introduction and Setup
    • Introduction to class, course and system setup
    • Introduction to React JS, Vanilla JS and ES5
    • ES6 (ECMAScript 6)
    • Webpack, Babel, Polyfill and JSX
    • ES6 project
  • React Components and State Management
    • React Component, State Management
    • Passing data to component using Props
    • Validating Props using PropTypes
    • Component and State Management Project
    • React Lifecycle and High Order Components, Styling, Style Components, Antd
  • React Routing
    • Routing and API CRUD List
    • API CRUD Operations – View and Delete
    • API CRUD Operations – Create and Update
    • CRUD Refresh, Authentication Flow and React Native
  • Action and Reducers
    • Actions and Reducers Basics
    • Actions and Reducers Project
    • Authentication and Routing Advanced
  • Redux Saga and Forms
    • Redux Saga and Redux Forms Project
  • QA and DevOps
    • Bundling and Deployments
25 days React JS Training conducted by Wolfmatrix
25 days React JS Training conducted by Wolfmatrix

The training was completed successfully. And the participants were more than happy with the training and new ideas/concept that they learned. Here’s what the student and trainer have to say about the whole experience.


“The training was very detailed and comprehensive. The trainers managed to explain everything in a simple manner and I believe anyone can understand and start to work in React JS after this training.”

Suman Bhandari - Software Developer
Suman Bhandari (Student)
Software Developer
Supreme Court

 “I always had a passion for learning and sharing my knowledge with others. So, when I got this opportunity I was more than happy and a little bit nervous. However, the students were very co-operative and had a learning attitude. Thus, I was at ease and found the overall experience wonderful.”

Santosh Mahat - Software Developer
Santosh Mahat (Trainer)
Software Developer

We are more than happy to contribute to the tech sector of Nepal and teach some of the best IT professionals in the industry.

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