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What do we provide?

Based on your requirements, we will provide you with the best engineers and strategists from the pool of our available resources or prospective new hires.

HR/Client Manager

A HR/Client Manager who communicates with you and your team regularly

Regular Reviews

Regular reviews of the development team’s performance

Quality Assurance

Analysis of your feedback regarding your team’s work quality

Developer Retention

Recurring evaluation of the developers’ job satisfaction

Training and Certifications

Technical events and fun corporate outings

How does this work?

Stage 1


Create an ideal candidate profile based on your requirements and shortlist the prospective new hires.

Stage 2


Conduct the necessary orientations and simulations of your processes before starting the work

Stage 3

Ongoing work

Focus on the motivation and staff retention of your team providing with regular developer support

How does this benefits you?

Custom Recruitment

Based on your specific requirements, we select and provide you engineers from a pool of our existing resources or new recruitments.

Predictable monthly cost

You pay a monthly flat fee for the developers working on your team. No hidden costs. No extra charges.

Higher Developer Commitment

Wolfmatrix software developers are your full-time employees, and they’re as dedicated to your success as your in-house team


Change team size with only one month’s notice.

Direct communication

You, your tech lead, or your project manager can directly communicate with the dedicated development team.

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Clients Testimonials

wolfmatrix ashish
wolfmatrix ashish

Ashish Shrestha



I do not see my relationship with Suman and Nirajan and Wolfmatrix as a business relationship. They are my friends and brothers. For starters, HoneyGuide, the company I run, and Wolfmatrix started together. Hence, both the companies and the people sort of like grew together. We built the Trekking in Nepal mobile app together, and suffice it to say that it has already helped more than 30 thousand trekkers in Nepal. Sure it wasn’t easy, and we made a lot of mistakes along the way. But the thing is these guys will never try to bullshit their way out of their mistakes. Sure sometimes the estimates were off, but there was no finger-pointing. Sure there were cost overruns, but both parties were able to find an amicable solution. And I believe, it is in spots that these that you realize the real character of the people you are dealing with. And boy have they grown. It is this exact same no-nonsense and genuineness that I still see in them today. The only difference now is that they make way fewer mistakes, their estimates are spot on, and there is no such thing as cost overruns with these guys. And to top it all off, I have always loved having product conversations with Suman who is not afraid of asking tough questions, sometimes even at the cost of losing business. For example, I distinctly remember a meeting on adding a map feature in which Suman grilled me to understand why this feature was important. He asked me if investing in some other functionality would yield a higher ROI. Honestly, I hadn’t thought through the feature and Suman made sure that I did. Now that is the level of genuineness you can expect from these guys. As such, you can take it from a guy who has worked really closely with these guys that they are not your average “Oh yes, of course, it can be built,” kind of technology company. They are the “Should it be built?” kind of tech company. And this is what makes them different. I will forever be indebted to these guys for all they have done for HoneyGuide. If you are looking for smart and upfront people who will bring the best out of you and your idea, go with Wolfmatrix.

Our Experience Stories

HoneyGuide Apps

HoneyGuide Apps, a travel and tourism startup based in Nepal, partnered with us to develop and launch its mobile-based product, trekking app in Nepal, on Android and iOS platform. We provided end to end product development solutions to the startup for planning, designing, developing and deploying their mobile applications, Web Services, and Marketing Website and also helped them to provide technical support to customers and build their in-house technical team. HoneyGuide represented Nepal in Slush Global Impact Accelerator Program 2016 and has become a pioneer travel tech startup in Nepal.

Medipro Direct

Medipro Direct is an American business development company that provides medical solutions targeted for Medical Companies, Insurance Companies, and Agencies. We have been working with the Medipro Direct team since 2014 to upgrade and maintain their web-based application.

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