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John Hopkins Hospital Navigation
John Hopkins hospital, Maryland is build on 8 acres with 100s of builds.

As its growing larger, navigation has become a challenging issue. It getting harder for Patients and their relatives to locate the appropriate rooms, especially for appointments. They are also facing similar challenges for the employees.

This was a Proof of Concept prototyping to design mobile application for internal navigation. Patients can track their appointments and can use navigate to destination.

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Wolfmatrix Project Image
Wolfmatrix Project Image
NavZ is a route planning and navigation software mainly targeted to RF planning and optimization industry.

Project managers can create new network testing routes or upload existing routes and assign to the field technicians using its web application. While mobile application helps technician for car navigation in the assigned routes. Building this application has been very challenging experience for our team as it has huge amount of geo-data processing with many dynamic offline processing for route management.

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Medipro Direct
Medipro Direct is a business development company specializing in the medical services industry based on Oregon, USA

We have been working remotely with the Medipro Direct Team from past couple of years to upgrade and maintain their web application targeted for Medical Companies, Insurance companies, agencies and agents. Medipro was build in late 90’s and bricked with multiple frameworks by different teams. It gave us equally challenging opportunity to advance the platform while while maintaining and evolve existing code base.

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Wolfmatrix Project Image
Wolfmatrix Projects Wolfmatrix Project Image
Ensign is an intelligent and agile compliance program which helps companies to reduce deceptive sales practices “DSP’s” to take over accounts.

It offers certification program certification program for Direct Sales Reps and insightful training programs. We helped co-founders of this startup to build a product from their initial idea. This product was later acquired by a NorthStar Alarm, a leading American home security and automation company. We worked with Northstar during the transition.

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