10 App Categories Set to Explode in 2024!

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Mobile applications continue to evolve, offering various solutions to meet our ever-changing needs. From productivity to entertainment, these categories reflect current demands and trends and provide what the future might bring. Let’s learn about the different types of app categories that will be in the spotlight for 2024.

What Does App Category Mean?

It is a classification or group under which an application is listed in an app store. App categories help users navigate and find apps that serve specific purposes or cater to particular interests. Some of the examples are games, productivity, health, fitness, and entertainment. These categories are based on their primary function or the user’s intention.

Top 10 App Categories for 2024

The app market is keeping up with user demand shifts and offering various categories to match different requirements and preferences. A closer look at the top 10 app categories expected to dominate in 2024 reveals an exciting variety of innovation and utility. Let’s explore the potential app categories to shape our experience in the year ahead.

1. Medical Apps

Medical apps serve a wide range of purposes. Medical apps aim to improve access to healthcare services and facilitate better personal health management.

Telemedicine platforms like Teladoc Health provide virtual consultations, connecting patients and healthcare providers, particularly for non-emergency situations. Apps like Medisafe focus on medication management, helping users track medication schedules, doses, and refills.

2. Health and Wellness Apps

With a boom in the health and wellness market, these apps will be one of the most popular in the coming year. Fitness apps like Peloton, known for interactive workouts, integrate more personalised and adaptive training programs. Similarly, mindfulness apps like Headspace, offering meditation and stress-relief exercises, help address specific mental health concerns.

3. Grocery Apps

As the popularity of online grocery shopping has surged after the pandemic, industry players are adding more advanced features to improve user experience. Features like real-time inventory updates and predictive shopping lists are becoming more common. Apps like Instacart act as mediators for grocery delivery. At the same time, Walmart Grocery offers a smooth shopping experience with pickup and delivery options.

4. Dating Apps

Dating apps are modernising and simplifying the finding of romantic partners, focusing on inclusivity, refined matching algorithms, and user security. Apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge have improved their algorithms for more personalised and meaningful connections while emphasising user safety through enhanced verification processes and privacy features.

5. Finance Apps

Finance apps offer a range of features for online payments and investments. Additionally, these apps facilitate stock market investments and cryptocurrency trading, playing an important role in the transition from cash transactions to digital payments.
They simplify transactions on mobile devices, making banking effortless.

6. E-commerce/M-commerce Apps

With the increasing shift towards shopping online, developers are adding interesting features to their E-commerce and M-commerce apps to enhance the user experience and keep up with the latest trends. Platforms like Amazon and Shopify may focus on augmented reality features for a more immersive shopping experience, personalised recommendations, and smoother navigation.

7. Internal Communication and Employee Apps

In the era of remote work, apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams facilitate internal communication and collaboration to meet the evolving needs of remote teams. Some enhancements include video conferencing, file sharing, and project management.

8. News and Magazines

News apps fight misinformation and deliver personalised content. Platforms like BBC News and Flipboard incorporate AI-driven algorithms for personalised news feeds while emphasising credibility and fact-checking mechanisms.

9. Educational

Educational apps continue to offer interactive and adaptive learning experiences. Platforms like Duolingo for language learning and Khan Academy for academic education integrate more advanced and adaptive learning technologies that provide more diverse learning styles.

10. Workforce Apps

Apps focused on HR management, scheduling, and task tracking, such as Trello and Asana, are evolving further for better employee engagement and workflow management in remote and hybrid work environments. These apps are becoming popular because they help in managerial roles.

How Do You Categorise an App?

Choosing the right category is important for developers as it helps users discover their app comfortably in the app store and ensures it reaches the intended audience.

Here are some important things to consider while categorising your app:

  • App primary function:

Choose the most relevant category that describes the primary function or purpose of the app.

  • Secondary function:

Further, narrow the classification by selecting a subcategory specifying the app’s niche or specialisation.

  • App Size and Compatibility:

Specify the app’s size and compatibility with different devices, screen sizes, and Android versions.

  • In-App Purchases:

Indicate if the app offers in-app purchases and provide details on available items or features.

  • Price:

Set the appropriate pricing model, whether the app is free, paid, or freemium.

Most importantly, make sure the category you pick matches what your app does. That way, people looking for something like yours can find it easily. Just line up your app with the right category.

Can an App Have Multiple Categories?

Whether catering to different user demographics or offering various services, applications can belong to multiple categories to reach a broader audience and comply with app store regulations. For example, an app might seamlessly combine educational content with gaming experiences, qualifying for inclusion in the “Education” and “Games” categories. This adaptability ensures that apps remain dynamic and meet evolving user demands while expanding their visibility and offering a variety of features within the app store ecosystem.

Thorough market research is essential for launching a successful app. App categories offer valuable insights into target audiences, competition, market trends, and monetization strategies. By conducting thorough research, developers can confidently navigate the dynamic app market, ensuring their app stands out and meets user demands. In short, well-executed app market research is crucial for choosing the right app categories and achieving app success.

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FAQs on App Categories

There are 3 major categories of applications on the market. Those are native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps.

There exist more than 20 categories of mobile apps, with approximately 33 found on the Google Play Store and about 24 on Apple’s App Store. Despite the diversity of mobile applications across platforms, only a handful are widely recognised.

Game Apps are the most popular. The gaming apps category makes up 21.53% of Apple’s App Store apps.

Action is the Play Store’s most downloaded sub-category, with 37,201 apps representing 15.33% of global downloads.

Yes, you can change your app category.

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