The Top 9 Mobile-commerce Features an App Should Have

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Users expect better performance and functionality in their mobile commerce apps as the online marketplace evolves. No doubt, they quickly abandon cumbersome or inefficient apps in favour of those that offer a seamless experience. Mobile applications need captivating and satisfying features to retain user interest.

Keeping up with the evolving mobile commerce trend is essential for staying competitive in the dynamic market. Therefore, mobile commerce apps must integrate innovative features that enhance the shopping experience and meet the changing demands of consumers.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top 9 mobile commerce features every m-commerce app should have to keep its competitive edge.

What is M-commerce and its Features?

Mobile commerce (M-commerce) refers to buying and selling goods/services through wireless handheld devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. It is a branch of e-commerce that provides access to online shopping platforms without needing a desktop.

The features of M-commerce include:

  • Mobile payments
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Push notifications
  • Location-based services
  • Personalisation
  • In-app chat support
  • Security measures
  • Offline access and synchronisation

Top 9 mobile commerce features your m-commerce app should have

1. Product Evaluation

Mobile Commerce Feature Product Evaluation

A production evaluation feature in your mobile commerce app helps you closely monitor the performance of your product. It offers users valuable insights into product popularity, frequency of views or purchases, and customer feedback. With this information at your fingertips, you can make well-informed decisions, especially in improving your products to boost customer satisfaction and drive sales.

2. QR Code Scanner

Mobile Commerce Feature QR Code Scanner

QR codes significantly enhance customer experience in mobile commerce apps. Retailers are adapting these codes to enable customers to access web-based content on their smartphones easily. For example, by integrating a QR code, you can offer direct access to your product catalogue. Customers simply need to use any free scanning app and point their mobile device at the QR code, and the catalogue instantly pops up on their screen.

3. Beacon and GPS

Mobile Commerce Feature Beacon and GPS

A beacon is a small battery-run sensor that sends a one-way signal to nearby smart devices. When customers with your app installed on their smartphone come within range of a beacon, they receive notifications regarding discounts or recommendations. This strategy helps enhance the customer experience and encourage purchases.

On the other hand, GPS (Global Positioning System) helps you do effective location-based marketing and sales. You can use GPS data to deliver targeted promotions based on the user’s location. This includes suggesting nearby stores, providing location-specific discounts, and notifying available clothing options based on the local climate or culture.

4. Push Notification

Mobile Commerce Feature Push Notification

App push notification is a marketing strategy mobile commerce apps use to engage users by sending messages directly to their devices. These messages are displayed on the user’s mobile screen, irrespective of whether users are actively using the app at that moment.

Push notifications allow you to send timely updates and alerts based on user behaviour, preferences, or previous purchase history. The feature allows you to deliver relevant offers, product recommendations, or exclusive promotions in a highly personalised way, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

5. Product Catalogue

Mobile Commerce Feature Product Catalogue

A product catalogue is like the shelves in a physical store, showcasing everything a seller has to offer. This feature offers a highly efficient way for customers to find the item they are looking for. A catalogue allows for easy searching and filtering, which helps to enhance their shopping experience. A catalogue with features, specifications and benefits of your product builds trust with customers and helps them make informed purchases.

6. Feedback and Review

Mobile Commerce Feature Feedback and Review

Having feedback and review in your m-commerce can be a game changer. These user-generated insights build credibility, offering potential customers a peek into the real experience of past buyers. Moreover, responding to customers—expressing appreciation for positive reviews and addressing negative feedback courteously—can cultivate a strong rapport with your audience.

Besides, these reviews also contribute to search engine visibility, incorporating keywords that potential buyers often search for, thus boosting the chance of attracting more customers.

7. Order Tracking and History

Mobile Commerce Feature Order Tracking and History

Order tracking allows you to monitor all your orders and shipments and to communicate the order status to your customers. It promotes transparency by providing real-time updates on shipment progress, from dispatch to delivery. Moreover, from a customer service perspective, these features serve as invaluable tools, allowing quick identification and resolution of any delivery issue.

8. Speedy Checkout Process

Mobile Commerce Feature Speedy Checkout Process

When the buying process is quick and effortless, customers like it and tend to return to your store. Plus, it helps your store stand out in a crowded market because customers love convenience. So, having a speedy checkout process in your online store can make a big difference. It makes customers happier and improves their shopping experience, ultimately driving your business towards success.

9. Product Search

Mobile Commerce Feature Product Search

Product search promotes user convenience and efficiency, enabling customers to find what they are searching for through simple queries quickly. The ease of finding desired items elevates the shopping experience and boosts the likelihood of a purchase, positively impacting your sales.

Boost Your Business with Essential Mobile Commerce Features

Users immediately judge your app if the user experience does not meet their expectations. So, it is important to incorporate key features to make the app user-friendly. The features mentioned above enhance the functionality of your mobile commerce platform, streamlining the shopping experience for customers.

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