Mistakes to Avoid When Developing Your Mobile App

Mobile application development

Don’t have time to take a much-needed trip to the grocery store? Ask any smartphone user, and the answer is the same—”There’s an app for that.” That means if your enterprise is missing one, you’re already a step behind. Commercial mobile apps are the norm, but the path to development is hardly straightforward. 

Regardless of project size, taking the time to research potential developers, craft development strategies, and put together a budget will serve you well. Whether you’re building an app for the first time or third, think about these development mistakes you want to avoid at all costs. 

Mistake 1 – Too Many Features

Decision-makers tend to stuff their app with features to provide as much information on their products and services as possible. Yet, the act is counterintuitive. Too many features can make an app overwhelming and challenging to use—not to mention, also slow to load. 

Mistake 2 – Forgetting Your Audience

Regardless of how an app looks and feels from your perspective, what matters is how your target users will think of it. Develop your app with their preferences in mind and features that address a specific need. 

Mistake 3 – Bad UX/UI

Nowadays, the typical smartphone is armed with touch screens, motion control, location services, microphones, and cameras. If you’re incorporating them into your app, ensure that they’re easy to use—otherwise, why complicate things? Remember, there is a difference between UI and UX, so ensure you know how both of these equally impact your app!

Mistake 4 – Blindly Selecting a Developer

A developer is entirely responsible for how your app looks and functions. Skimp on the research, and you could be making a costly mistake. From gargantuan development agencies to individual freelancers, the choices are inexhaustible. Don’t lunge at the most affordable option. Take the time to get to know who you’re working with—from their work ethic to previous projects. 

Mistake 5 – Poor Testing

Testing is at the heart of the most successful mobile apps. Without testing your software, it can become prone to bugs and latency—deeming it unusable. 

Mistake 6 – Too Many Platforms

When you develop an app, it’s only intuitive to reach as many people as possible. However, crafting it for a single platform is resource-consuming enough. Acquiring it for various platforms means cutting deeply into your budget and spending time you probably don’t have. 

Mistake 7 – Ignoring Feedback

Nobody likes to hear negative feedback, but it’s there to help you improve more often than not. Pay attention to constructive criticism—there is a goldmine of potential in what users think about your app. 

Mistake 8 – Underestimating Your Resources

During app development, hardly will you evade an unexpected issue. Anticipate bumps in the road, a feature that might not be as useful as you thought, and code not doing what you want it to. To avoid expensive errors, establish your budget and timeline before breaking the bank. 

Mistake 9 – No Post-Launch Plans

Publishing your app doesn’t mark the end of your journey. Anticipate the need for future updates and bug patches or the fact that your app might need to undergo a full digital transformation. 


Every enterprise longs for its app to thrive—but without the ease of navigation and full functionality, you can consider yours as good as an idea for the back burner. Mobile app development doesn’t happen overnight, no matter how groundbreaking your idea is. 

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