Top 5 Benefits Of Staff Augmentation You Shouldn’t Miss

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Have you seen a company without a website or any social media account? Maybe 5-8 yrs ago, you could find companies with no digital presence, but now every company has a digital presence. The digital presence is the gateway to the companies success. The advancement of technology requires the IT field to have skilled people or experts in a specific topic. The need and importance of digital presence and connecting with your customers makes every company hire a technically proficient individual who can amp up business growth and success. So, in this blog, I will explain why companies choose staff augmentation services and the benefits of staff augmentation you shouldn’t miss out on.

Challenges of hiring a developer

Currently, in the market, there is tough competition among recruiters. It can be tiring to find one who meets your business need. Even if you find one, then chances are the cost of hiring and maintaining the expert can be high. It can be impossible to hire a person with years of experience and skill at an affordable price. Also, nowadays, companies prefer to hire an individual who is familiar with the tools, language, and everything they’re using. So, it gets more challenging to find someone who has specialized in the said tools, especially if you make up your mind to hire people within your country only.

According to the news release by PR Newswire, 45% of HR managers cannot fill the job due to a lack of qualified talent, and 58% of them said they have jobs that remain vacant for 12 weeks or longer. 

Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation services

So, the better alternative to hiring is staff augmentation. Staff augmentation is a recruiting technique where you hire experts for your project to work as your employee. However, the resource, infrastructure, and retention of the expert are the responsibility of an offshore company. The offshore company you contact will look over your project requirement and provide you, experts. Then you coordinate and work with them while the offshore company manages them. The offshore company provides them with all the necessary resources and tools to complete the project on time. This recruiting technique can be very beneficial for a startup that requires technical skills. Here are the five benefits of staff augmentation.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Benefit 1: Say “No” to a lengthy recruitment process

How long does it take for your company to hire a new employee? And how long do they last in your company? More importantly, are you happy with the work done by the recruit? 

Recruitment is a lengthy process. It takes time and resources to recruit the required specialized skills. It can be exhausting for a company and frustrating when you need a replacement or a new employee to fill the gap. The lack of resources can impact the overall functioning of the company. So, it is crucial to recruit a new employee as quickly as possible. The time wasted on recruiting, and the operation that has been hampered due to lack of required specialized skill can negatively impact your business growth. And let’s say you did manage to hire a new employee. But what if the recruited new employee isn’t able to work according to your business needs.

Then first of all your recruitment process is a complete failure. Second of all, you have to start your hiring process all over again. Your company has to bear the extra cost of all this. Whereas, in staff augmentation, the whole tension of recruiting an employee is gone. The company providing staff augmentation service looks over your need and sets your meeting with an individual fit for your business. Once you feel like the individual is fit for your business, you can hire them and start working with them. Now another benefit of staff augmentation is flexibility. Suppose you don’t like the individual or team you just hired from the staff augmentation company. Then you can change them without any hassle. 

Benefit 2: Reduction in operational cost

Reduction in operational cost

After reading the above two points, it’s crystal clear that staff augmentation will reduce your operational cost. You don’t have to bother with the cost of recruiting or additional resources. Similarly, you don’t have to pay for the bonus or pension or any such other benefits compulsory by the law. All of it is handled and maintained by the staff augmentation company. The company with which you took the staff augmentation service will look over all that. So, you don’t have to bear or worry about the operational cost or honestly any other cost than the one determined by the staff augmentation company at first. 

Benefit 3: Zero office politics

Staff augmentation eliminates the possibility of office politics. Office politics can demotivate employees and increase employee turnover rates. It can negatively impact your business growth and create unnecessary tension in the workplace. However, when you opt for staff augmentation, your company is free from office politics. The employees from staff augmentation are entirely focused on their work, and they communicate with you only. For instance, we have been providing staff augmentation service for the past few years, and we are happy to say that our developers have been with us for more than 2 years. They are still working on the assigned project, and they love it. It’s pretty crystal clear there is no chance of office politics or demotivation with staff augmentation.

Benefit 4: Increased operational efficiency

If you’re a small company at its initial stage, then staff augmentation can benefit you. You can hire experts at an affordable price without incurring any infrastructural cost. You don’t need to bear any housing or operational cost. It will help in increasing your operational efficiency. The return you will be getting from investing in staff augmentation service surpasses the operating cost. 

Benefit 5: Say ‘YES’ to more projects

Say 'Yes' to more project

Staff augmentation helps you work on more projects. You have an additional workforce and resources to take a few more projects under your hand. Or say you finally got the big project, but there isn’t enough workforce or resource to complete it. Then you can choose the staff augmentation to complete the project on time. You can hire an individual or a whole technical team and delegate part of your work or an entire project to them.


Staff Augmentation can be a cost-effective and higher productive work model for your company. And here are more benefits to staff augmentation than the above mentioned five points.

You can easily hire and increase your company’s staffing to complete the given project on time. It would be best if you gave it a try.

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