Australia Post Digital ID Integration Is So Famous Now, But Why?


Recently Australia Post digital iD integration has been gaining lots of hype. And making tons of news for being the first industry provider to be accredited by the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF). Even though they had been seeking accreditation from the government since 2017, last week on July 24, 2019, they finally got it.

You might be wondering what is Australian Post and why many businesses are using digital iD. Well, Australian Post is a company which provides postal services and digital iD to a person, company or any electronic device. They are the experienced providers of identity services. And have completed:

  • 8million identity checks,
  • 1.9 million passport application and
  • more than 2 million employment checks every year
Digital identity-check

According to a news source here’s what Australian Post had to say about their achievement:

“We are very proud to be the first to obtain this accreditation. It demonstrates our strong digital capabilities, coupled with our far-reaching post office network, uniquely positioning us to support all Australians in connecting with vital government services, regardless of where they live.”-
Regis Bauchiere, General Manager, Australian Post

Businesses that use digital iD

50 government and private organization trust and use Australia Post digital iD services. Likewise, many other industries can use it and benefit from the Australia Post digital iD integration. Some of the noteworthy business that has done Australia Post digital iD integration are:

  1. Airtasker (Sydney-based outsourcing company),
  2. CUA (Financial institution),
  3. Pleased Property (Rental services – Real estate),
  4. Bitcoin Australia (Cryptocurrency),
  5. Coinjar (Cryptocurrency wallet),
  6. Travelex (Foreign exchange company),
  7. RoomXchange etc (Hospitality services)

Why does business integrate digital ID?

The business integrates digital iD into their product to be safe from scam or wasting their time on a fake profile. It gives their customers a sense of security and relief from fraud. Furthermore integrating your business with digital iD is the correct way to make your business authentic and secure. And now that it has been accredited by TDIF, it is more safe, secure and trustworthy.

Benefits of Australia Post Digital iD

Australia post digital iD integration can be the best way for your business to digitally verify your customers.

Likewise, digital iD can also be a measure to verify the age for entry to participating licensed venues and alcohol purchases in Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, ACT and New Territories. Similarly, Australia Post securely encrypts the digital iD’s data. No provider has any access to the data.

For instance, let’s say you’re a bank and you need to verify whether the person who is transacting is the bank account owner or not.

The way it’s being verified now is tiring and degrades the user experience. As the user has to input their password or citizenship number/license number/passport and other documents plus details in each step.

However, in the same case scenario, the bank can integrate the digital iD into its system and verify the identity in one simple step.

How does Australian Post Digital iD work?

“Our growing digital economy is requiring consumers to verify themselves in more and more everyday situations, which is why Australians need to know that their identity is being protected. Once a consumer has verified their identity with Digital iD, they are able to reuse it on their smartphone wherever they need to prove their identity, whether in person or online.” –
Regis Bauchiere, General Manager, Australian Post

Facial Biometrics

The Australia Post digital iD app uses state-of-the-art facial biometrics technology and does the liveness testing to link the information provided by you with you as a person. Afterwhich, it is protected through data encryption and secured by your smartphone. As a result, your identity and private information are secure. Plus, no one else can access the data except you (from your smartphone only).

First of all, the person needs to input all the personal and important information into the digital iD. Then Australia Post verifies the information provided. And determines whether it’s correct or not.

Afterwhich, it provides a unique set of number to the user whose iD is verified. That unique set of a number will be the digital iD of the user. Then the user can come to your site or app and fill in the digital iD number only. Afterwhich, the digital iD will check and match the user’s digital iD with its documents and verify whether the person is true or scam.

Our experience with Australian Post Digital iD

We have worked with Australia Post digital ID while developing a product for an Australian startup. The product would be used for exchanging the accommodation and services between the guests and hosts.

The primary concern of the project was to create a product that could create trust and sense of security between the users in the marketplace. So, we were looking for the third party service which could verify the information of users during the account creation. And that’s when we stumbled upon Australia Post digital iD.

It was recommended by our clients. And even from our primary research, we found it to be the trusted reputation of the platform. Furthermore, it has multichannel experience. So, we choose it and we were shocked how easy it is to integrate it.

Australia Post Digital iD Integration

Digital iD Integration

We integrated the Identity verification feature from the digital iD. The document verification verifies the customer’s name and date of birth by checking one or multiple identity documents. During the signup or after creating the account the user was prompted to identify themselves through digital iD. Only after they had been identified through digital iD, they could complete their profile. And start requesting and listing the exchanges.

We used the Web SDK from the digital iD in our fronted ReactJS application. It forwards the users to Digital iD’s web or mobile applications to verify their information and the digital iD platform.

On successful verification from digital iD, the platform returns a code to our application. Later the code fetches the user’s digital iD verified information. And it matches the information with the information entered by the user during account creation.

In the end, we were able to successfully integrate a trusted and secure digital identity verification system to the product. It helped to enhance the trust and security among the users of the platform.


Undoubtedly, digital iD is the next step into making the world more digital and transparent.

So, every business should look into digital iD and start integrating it.

In case, you also seek the same sort of service then feel free to contact us. We can help you out.

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