5 Tips to Streamline Software Development and Maintain Quality

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Creating high-quality software is the name of the game for most developers, but timeliness is also essential. One cannot take too long to develop software, as failure to deliver it on time can mean unhappy clients.

Unfortunately, if speed is increased, quality may drop, making it seem like speed and quality sacrifices mutually exclusive. However, this does not have to be the case! If you are running a software development team and want to speed things up without sacrificing quality, here are the things you can do.

1. Add more people to your team

Sometimes, the mere act of adding more resources to the project is just what you need to speed things up a bit. If you find that your team is too small to handle all the necessary coding, hiring more developers is a sensible choice. With more brains and hands working on the project, more coding can be done in a short time without sacrificing quality. 

2. Create a clear roadmap

When your developers are sitting around not knowing what to do, they will take a lot more time figuring out how to finish the project. In other words, blindly working on a project is a one-way ticket to wasted time. On the other hand, with a clear roadmap set, your developers know precisely what to do. This allows them to finish work quickly, pushing the project towards timely completion.

3. Lower the amount of ongoing work

Ongoing work, also known as work-in-progress, is something you cannot avoid. However, having too much ongoing work happening at once can overwhelm your developers. Not only does it force the team to multitask, but it also puts added pressure on them. However, when you limit any work-in-progress to fit the resources you have, you allow your developers to focus more on their tasks to work more efficiently. 

4. Divide large workloads into smaller chunks

Looking at the overall picture of a project can be overwhelming for you and your developers. To ensure your developers will not feel overworked, divide the entire project into small chunks. When tasks are smaller, your team feels more able to accomplish them. Not only does this allow them to work faster, but the small accomplishments can motivate them to continue completing other tasks.

5. Automate wherever possible

A manual task requires effort from an individual to complete. An automated one means that a computer can complete the job quickly without human intervention. This saves a lot of time and speeds up processes. For instance, automating software testing means that you do not have to carry out the same actions over and over again. As a result, you speed up the testing progress while still maintaining quality.


By applying one or more of the previous tips to your development team, you will speed software development significantly without compromising quality. With the time saved, you can have more time to test the software and ensure that it works as intended to satisfy all the clients’ requirements.

That being said, do not hesitate to outsource and work with other companies to complete large projects. With their insights and expertise, you may learn a thing or two to improve your service, which can go a long way to streamlining your software development.

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