4 Important Strategies for Scaling Software Startups

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This is the age of the Startup, with more and more companies being founded every year. It has resulted in a massive boom in nearly every industry, from transportation to music. Startups have found ways to make various goods and services more accessible to the average consumer while simultaneously increasing profitability for the businesses themselves.

The software industry is no different, with more apps and software solutions produced each day. In fact, more apps and software solutions have been created in the last few years than it ever has been in the entire span of the information age. 

But a fact that this boom in the software industry often hides is the intense competition in the market. While more and more companies are being founded every day, only a select few of these rise to prominence. 

One of the biggest hurdles in the lifespan of any software startup is scaling its business. If a company cannot do so, it could end up trapped in stagnation for too long before it can even make a mark on the industry. Scaling is always a challenge, but with a well-composed strategy—and some elbow grease, for that matter—it can be done more cost-effectively and efficiently. 

To help you out, here are some steps you can take toward scaling your software startup:

1. Take an objective and unbiased look at the history of your company.

Objectivity can be difficult to maintain, especially in endeavors we have a large stake in. When it comes to business, however, it’s necessary in order to properly discern the next step. 

There are questions you have to ask yourself and answer with absolute honesty, at that. Some of these questions are: Have you reached your initial goals? How often have you had to adjust your goals? What was the reason for that adjustment? 

Aside from these questions, it is important to consider the data. With that data, you can determine two primary reasons for scaling, which are: if your revenue goals have been exceeded and if you’ve experienced a plateau in your profits due to limited operations. 

If the data and the answers to those questions are complicated, then it might not be the right time to scale at all.

2. Automate and outsource what you can.

Labor-intensive processes can slow down the scaling process, and that’s why it’s important to invest in digital solutions to automate what you can. This can allow you to dedicate more time to more valuable endeavors for your company. 

Cloud computing software, intuitive point of sale systems, and automated chatbots are just some of the ways you can reduce the amount of operations legwork you have to do to get to the more important stuff.

It might also be in your interest to consider outsourcing certain operations. For example, it is completely possible to outsource your IT needs to a managed services provider. It is a lot cheaper than building IT infrastructure and hiring dedicated staff, which can ultimately reduce the costs of scaling in the process.

3. Work with the right people. 

A company can provide the best services, create the best products, and have the best message—but all these can fail if it doesn’t have the right people to do the job. 

For the jobs you can’t outsource, it is important to make sure that you work with the right people.  Whether this means that they are the best in their fields or are the best-suited for your company is up to you. Make sure that your in-house staff is composed of people you can see yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with on the frontlines of industry.

4. Learn from those with success in your field. 

There is no harm in reaching out to businesses and entrepreneurs that have experienced some measure of success in your field. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be open to mentorship and criticism—after all, business is more difficult in practice than in theory. Learning from the mistakes and successes of others can help you create strategies that avoid such pitfalls and capitalize on tried and tested methods. 


With all the software startups out there, the prospect of scaling might be terrifying. There are many factors to consider and many possible strategies to employ, but with the right attitude and mindset, your company has higher chances of leveling up.

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