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Imagine this. For some reason, you decided to outsource a part of or an entire project. Few of your friends/ colleagues warned you of the deceptive subcontractors and how they can cost you a lot of money in a long run. Not really a new thing; you had already heard about them, right? WRONG! While working with a remote team, details start getting fuzzier and before you even realize, you can’t tell right from wrong; you can’t decide the level of information you require and frequency of communication you need to have. Should you just focus on the work getting delivered (and risk not being updated on the big picture) or should you try to get each and every tiniest of the details , changes and improvements (and end up frustrating your teammates as an info-hungry control freak who loves to micromanage)? Well let me tell you what happens next. You struggle to balance these two aspects and are left not knowing what to do next. What makes this even this even worse is your subcontractors may be giving you wrong information or half truths all this while. But who’ll tell you what? We Do. yes.
Vivek Bhusal
Wolfmatrix Pvt. Ltd.

About Speaker

Vivek is a software application development consultant with over a decade of experience in coordinating software development efforts and managing projects aimed at analyzing and improving systems. He is passionate about performance and training program management

In this Webinar, we will discuss about:

  • Deceptive practices of offshore subcontractors that you may not know
  • Things you should ask your subcontractors twice before outsourcing your work
  • The Truth, Half Truth and Not-Really-A-Truth of remote teams and their implication in your business health
  • How to leverage the benefits of outsourcing to an offshore and still be at the top of the game