4 Top Signs Your Business Needs a New Software Development Partner

New Software Development Partner

Digital transformation is crucial to every modern business that wants to succeed in the 21st century. As technology grows ever more powerful, so does society’s dependence on it. You’ve probably considered software for your enterprise at some point to make it even easier for your customers to access your services. In that case, it’s best to hire a company to develop the app for your business, as it’s a more cost-effective strategy. However, some companies have a disappointing experience collaborating with specific developers, as the results are sometimes below expectations. 

Such collaborations are vital to startups, as they need fast delivery and a stellar first impression to succeed in attracting and keeping customers to determine the company’s future. If you’ve had a bad experience with a software outsourcing vendor, it’s time to consider changing to a different software developer. Here are four signs your business needs a new software development partner, which are also traits that you must avoid in potential new partners: 

1. They Aren’t Specific About Their Timelines

Apps are ubiquitous nowadays, which means that the current software market is saturated with high-quality products that endlessly compete for more end-users. There are also plenty of unique and innovative ideas that developers need to materialize before someone else implements a similar concept. In this case, speed is of the essence, so you’ll want to ensure an efficient process from start to finish to occupy your market niche.

However, due to the many types of circumstances, the process isn’t always smooth-sailing. Some software developers take on more clients simultaneously than they can take, which leads them to provide unclear timelines. Other vendors offer services that allude to the use of cutting-edge technologies even though they don’t have the proper experience. These are a few examples of how a project can experience several delays, which will make your business lose valuable time. 

2. They Tend to Create Budget Overruns

Many startups rely on generous investors for funding, which means that their reserves are usually tight. App development is an expensive but worthy investment, although startups must also prepare for other growth stages that require large sums of money. For example, you’d have to spend on marketing your app after it launches, which can vary from cold outreach, social media to public relations.

Some outsourcing companies cannot correctly estimate the work they need to do to create the application you want. Unfortunately, this leads to overruns, which can be costly to your business. As you’re forced to cover the development’s unexpected increases, you’ll have to re-plan your budget. You’ll also risk losing profits this way, landing your company unnecessary difficulties.

3. They Have Numerous Release Delays

Another warning sign that your business needs a new enterprise software developer is that your current one has demonstrated poor project management, resulting in constant release delays. Although you might have received updates from the developer that the app is almost ready for launching, they haven’t gotten to work on finishing the last step that is preventing you from finally releasing it. Even if the app works fine and you’ve gotten feedback from the beta testers, your developer keeps postponing the release date, which is suspicious behavior altogether.

Even though they may not have any malicious intentions, it still points to the wrong approach to testing. Perhaps bugs weren’t detected early enough, leading to more expenses and extended development time. 

4. They Aren’t Focused on the Result

Some software developers are focused more on the development process itself instead of the results. While you’ll receive frequent reports about the features they implement and their plans for further development, they won’t provide you with access to the app, preventing you from determining if it meets your standards. Without any concrete results, you’ll probably have doubts about the project’s success. 

Instead, choose a vendor that uses a flexible strategy in developing the app. With an incremental approach to the process, they can provide a swift time to market, allowing you to request possible changes and implement them immediately. That way, you can ensure that the result meets your expectations.


Software consultants have the responsibility of providing a clear and transparent development process to businesses. Without it, an app can get stuck in development limbo for months or even years, costing your company valuable time and money. If you spot these signs in a software developer, it’s high time to move to a more reputable one. That way, you can cement your position in the market with your unique app that is sure to attract more customers, helping you achieve your business goals.

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