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iCare Tracking is a real time GPS Tracking Solution for personal and business use cases. It provides a user-friendly and simple solution for tracking your loved ones – kids, pets, elderly people and vehicles. iCareTracking makes it possible to look after them remotely by using the Online Portal or Mobile App, even when you cannot be physically present with them. You can set a geofence around safety zones and get notification whenever they leave or enter it.


The main challenge for iCare Tracking project was to develop an application which can run in both web & mobile platform and provide a good user experience. To be more precise, the more challenging part was developing the progressive web app for mobile platform in terms of designing the User Interface and Testing in multiple browsers across many devices.


A team of five including 2 Front End Developer and 1 Back End Developer, Business Analyst and Technical Lead was involved in this project. We used Agile Methodology where our team had daily stand up meeting and weekly sprint planning meeting where we implemented Planning Poker Exercise for estimating the user stories. In the technology side, we used React Js for Frontend Development and PHP Lumen for Backend. By using modern technologies and involving a team of dedicated developers, we were able to successfully complete the project and deliver the following deliverables:
  • Simple and Easy to use Tracking Application
  • Real time tracking of the trackers
  • Set geofences around the safety zones
  • Get Alerts when the trackers enter/exit the geofences
  • View history of the trackers
Web Application, Progressive Web App
GPS Tracking
React Js, PHP Lumen, Firebase, Wordpress
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iCareTracking is a real time GPS Tracking Solution for personal and business use cases.
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