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HoneyGuide Apps, a travel and tourism startup based in Nepal, partnered with us to develop and launch its mobile-based product, trekking app in Nepal, on Android and iOS platform. We provided end to end product development solutions to the startup for planning, designing, developing and deploying their mobile applications, Web Services, and Marketing Website and also helped them to provide technical support to customers and build their in-house technical team. HoneyGuide represented Nepal in Slush Global Impact Accelerator Program 2016 and has become a pioneer travel tech startup in Nepal.

The only difference now is that they make way fewer mistakes, their estimates are spot on, and there is no such thing as cost overruns with these guys…

Ashish Shrestha,


The Challenge

Technical partnership to build an innovative application to trekkers in Nepal

Honey Guide is an innovative idea of incorporating technology to ease the trekking and travel journey of the user. The co-founder of Honey Guide, Mr. Ashish Shrestha contacted us with this new project idea of creating a trekking guide app. And sought our service and expertise to convert the rough idea into the actual product. The rough idea of the trekking app was to develop a mobile and web app that can help trekkers while they embark on their journey in the mountains and also a website that provides useful information about the Trekking regions in Nepal.

About Honeyguide

Honey Guide is a travel and tourism-based startup in Nepal


Travel and Tourism

Company Size



Kathmandu, Nepal

The Solution

End to End solutions to launch the first trekking app of Nepal

We worked with Honey Guide as their technical partner to provide end to end mobile app development services, web application development services, and marketing website. Afterward, we provided the technical support to its mobile application and also helped them in building their in-house technical team.

The major outcome of the project was that we were able to develop a trekking app which met the requirement of our client. The few of the major features developed by us are:

  • Simple and easy to use Navigation and Content Hierarchy
  • Detailed Information on Places, Stay/Eat, Attractions, Side Trips, Trails, etc.
  • Mountain Finder Feature for every Place
  • Detailed Maps & Deviation; Climb, and Avalanche Alerts
  • Offline Access to all the content including Maps
  • Content packages for different trekking regions which can be purchased and downloaded separately

We provided them the end to end solutions

Offshore development team

  • The Honey Guide’s trekking app was developed by our offshore development team in Nepal.
  • A team of experts was solely dedicated to making the idea of trekking app come true

Product Strategy and Planning

  • Created a low fidelity wireframe and had a ton of meeting to ensure the requirement understood by us meets their idea and requirement.
  • After the requirement was finalized we started breaking it down and estimated the project’s timeline and the level of effort and resources needed.

UI/UX Design

  • Created an easy to use and navigate UI/UX mobile and web app which worked on different devices like mobile phones, tablets, and desktop.

Application Development

  • We segmented and prioritized the feature on the basis of its feasibility, desirability, and viability.
  • We further divided the task among our team and started developing it.
  • Following the agile software development methodology, we had weekly sprint planning and daily stand-up.
  • Also a frequent meeting and phone calls with the Honey Guide to keep them updated about the work progress.

QA and DevOps

  • Our technical team takes the testing very seriously and starts it from the beginning of a project.
  • In the Honey Guide project too, our technical team had a quality mindset throughout the product development cycle.
  • We had written the requirements with clear acceptance criteria to create better design specifications that can be easily verified.
  • We also performed unit or local testing from the beginning of a project.
  • Last but not least, deployment was done at the end of each sprint using the CI and CD tools.
  • After which user acceptance testing was conducted and made changes respectively in the next sprint after discussing with Honey Guide.

Maintenance and Support

  • Further maintenance and support were provided to Honey Guide’s trekking app after the deployment.
  • Assisted Honey Guide in building their in-house technical team and provided knowledge sharing session

Services Offered

Product Strategy and Planning, UI/UX Design, Application Development, QA and DevOps, Maintenance and Support, Technical Team Outsourcing

Service Period

1+ years

Wolfmatrix Team

5 (strategists & developers)


Android, jQuery, Drupal CMS, iOS

The Result

Honeyguide becomes a pioneer in travel tech in Nepalese startup

The trekking app was developed and delivered on time. Also, the trekking app and Honey Guide has been widely appreciated for its service and efficiency. HoneyGuide represented Nepal in Slush Global Impact Accelerator Program 2016 and has become a pioneer travel tech startup in Nepal.

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