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Fitzroy IT is an Australian based website development company located in Melbourne. It is a well-established company with a team of experts and tons of projects in hand. And they were seeking our partnership in Game LinQ’s project. Later on due to our efficiency and work quality, they partnered with us again for another project.

The Challenge

Hiring an outsourcing partner with high technical skills and experience

Fitzroy IT was looking to hire an outsourcing partner who can handle their projects with maximum efficiency.  They wanted a partner who could look after the complicated technical aspect of the project and provide complete solution and assistance.The availability of tons of outsourcing partnership but the lack of quality and trust was the major challenge faced by Fitzroy IT.

About Fitzroy IT

Fitzroy IT is a digital solution team that helps manage and grow business.


Information Technology and Services

Company Size

11-50 employees


Fitzroy North, Victoria, Australia

The Solution

Worked as an outsourcing partner in major software and web development projects

We partnered with Fitzroy IT (Australia) and helped them to deliver projects for their two major accounts ie. 3+ Fleet Management  Systems for Games LinQ and Travel/Hospitality Product for The Room Xchange.

As an outsourcing partner, we worked closely with their executives and project managers to help them plan, develop, deploy and monitor their client projects. Our technical team assisted them in transferring their technology stack to modern React JS Frontend and Symfony/Laravel backend API. During this partnership, we were in regular communication. We also provided them an efficient IT support and training to their in-house developers.

The partnership included:

End to end software development and project management

  • Just like any development project, we also started our partner’s project with proper requirement gathering and analysis.
  • Once the requirement was in place, our team started to break down the requirements and estimated the project’s timeline and the level of effort and resources needed.
  • Looking at the project’s requirement we created a design for different interfaces. The design would be finalized by the Fitzroy IT and the client.
  • Then we segmented and prioritized the feature on the basis of its feasibility, desirability, and viability. And following the agile software development methodology, we further divided the task among our team and started developing it.
  • Unit or local testing from the beginning of a project.
  • Deployment at the end of each sprint using the CI and CD tools.
  • User acceptance tests at the end of each sprint and made changes respectively in the next sprint after discussing with the client.

Team collaboration

  • As an outsourcing partner, we had direct communication and collaboration with Fitzroy IT’s clients.
  • Weekly sprint planning and daily stand-up with our technical team and the client.
  • Frequent meeting and phone calls with Fitzroy IT to keep them updated about the work progress.

Knowledge Partnership

  • Provided technology and knowledge transfer session to the client and Fitzroy IT
  • Provided efficient IT support and training to the in-house developers as needed

Services Offered

End to end software development and project management, Team collaboration, Knowledge Partnership

Service Period

1+ years

Wolfmatrix Team

8 (strategists and developers)


PHP, ASP.Net, MSSQL, October CMS, CSS, Javascript, Here Maps, Google Maps, AWS, CI/CD, Symfony 2

The Result

Completion of projects in time with no compromise in the quality of work

The partnership with Fitzroy IT was a fruitful experience as we completed the projects in the said time. The quality of our work was highly praised by Fitzroy IT’s clients. Along with that our team got experience of working in major projects of different industry. And the solutions provided in the partnership is currently being widely used in different sectors of Australia and liked by its users.

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