Our Guide on How to Start a Tech Company Without Any Coding Skills

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Mobile, web and other tech-driven developments are dominating the market in this digitally-oriented landscape. The future is bright as everything is going mobile, making web applications a hot commodity more than ever. 

Seeing as the internet opens up new opportunities at breakneck speed, it’s no surprise that many business owners are looking to expand their horizons by venturing into the tech industry. However, building a tech company from the ground up seems like an impossible ordeal without any programming knowledge or tech-savviness. 

Before you throw your idea back to the drawing board, a little hustle is all it takes to make your vision come true. That and the right team of experts to help you take the concept off the ground. With that in mind, the tips below should help you make it all happen. 

Tip #1: Consider What You Can Offer to the Table 

Programming, industry insights, and other technical skills are crucial in building a tech company, but there are other equally valuable skills that you can offer to help you run the business. Some relevant skills that are essential in launching a successful tech start-up include the following: 

  • Design;
  • UX testing;
  • Surveying customers;
  • A/B testing landing pages; 
  • Raising money;
  • Recruiting;
  • Research;
  • Ad writing;
  • PR;
  • Sales;
  • Marketing; 
  • Legal issues; 
  • Networking;
  • Fundraising; 
  • Web copywriting;
  • Accounting;

The list above shows nontechnical skills that play a pivotal role in your business venture, so it helps to outline what you can do and help you create measurable goals that you can achieve at a realistic date and pace. 

Tip #2: Consider New Solutions You Can Offer to the Industry and Build a Mockup 

Before expanding your team, it helps to talk with relevant authorities and consumers in the industry to gather valuable insight regarding current challenges in today’s technology. This should help solidify your idea and identify how your technology can bring a solution, which is what would set you apart from the rest. 

Once you have an idea of what your product can offer to the market, you can build a mockup that demonstrates your idea, which should come in handy when presenting to potential prospects, investors, and technical partners in the future. 

Tip #3: Find the Right Technical Partner 

As mentioned above, there are various aspects and skills that can help push your big idea forward, but you will need to have someone with technical expertise in your team at some point. Building the fundamentals of your company is only half the battle, but your technical partner will help build the actual product. 

You don’t need to make room for a co-founder, but hiring a software development company can make all the difference in making your plans come to fruition. Not only will they turn your blueprints into reality, but they can also help you manage product development. 

The Bottom Line: Launching a Tech-Driven Start-Up As a Non-Technical Founder 

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