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Is your digital marketing effort getting lost in the crowd of high competition? Are you trying your best to do well in marketing but still seeing no result with your present strategy? Or, are you a newbie trying to start the digital marketing journey and confused about how to choose the best digital marketing strategy for your company?

If yes, then don’t worry this is not a problem that you are only facing. There are a variety of digital marketing channel in the market and branding your business or product in all this noise can be hard at times. Without a proper strategy, your business can easily get lost in the crowd. Unarguably, it’s very crucial to choose the best digital marketing strategy to be heard in the market.

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The world is going digital now, and with that, the marketing strategies and tactics are being more focused on digital sources or channel. You can find everything online nowadays and the competition is increasing rapidly every day. So, if you haven’t started promoting your brand/product in digital media, then we suggest you start doing it right away. It’s never too late to start doing something amazing and profitable.

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Let’s get you started with digital marketing

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is online or a digital approach of branding your product to the right mass with the offer and message they need at the right time.

All the ads you see on Google, Facebook or, on any online platform is digital marketing. Also, the search result you see on the search engine and your favorite post from a social media page is also digital marketing.

Online marketing

Now you must be wondering how does this digital marketing work?

How does the digital marketing work?

Well just like in traditional marketing, you will start by feeding the right information to your targeted audience about your product or brand. And with time the audience will start to realize the need for your product and ultimately convert into the customer.

Easy right? Well not really!

Just like we said earlier, the competition is increasing rapidly and guess what the digital marketing strategies and tactics are also changing rapidly. What worked a year before might not be that effective today due to the specific platforms algorithm change, present market trend and change in consumer behavior attitude. But the good news is there are different digital marketing channels and strategies you can use to communicate your message and offers, to your target audience. So, you always have an option.

Different digital marketing channel

However, the availability of so many options does create a lot of problems for beginners in digital marketing or even for the expert in some case. So the question remains, what should you choose? What is the best digital marketing strategy for your business? What should you invest in? SEO or PPC or Facebook ads or Instagram ads OR other 1000 platforms present in the market. Which channel will ensure the high traffic and leads conversion? How will you know the end result at the start of the journey? Also, the best digital marketing strategy which worked for one business or industry might not work for another.

All this confusion can make you wonder if digital marketing is even worth trying.

But wait! before you give up on digital marketing, let us help you clear the cloud of a dilemma.

Here are the 4 questions which will help you get the idea of how you should choose the best digital marketing strategy for your business.

(But if you want the best digital marketing strategy, specifically, created for your niche or business then you can contact us right away.)

Question 1: Where is your target audience?

Know your target audience for relevant marketing

If you want to do digital marketing right, you should know who your customers are and where they spend most of their time. This is the first basis to determine whether your digital marketing strategy will be effective or not.

Let’s say you have a toy business, then your target audience will be the parents having children of a specific age group. And say parents of children of specific age groups are found on social media like Instagram. Then your best digital marketing strategy will be to choose social media like Instagram and work on it. Maybe even start influencing marketing and free giveaways.

Similarly, every business is focused on a niche, and they have their own set of target audiences. You can start by creating a buyer persona of your company to help you understand exactly who you’re targeting. The buyer persona you create will help you create relevant and meaningful content. So, make sure you create one which answers the following question:

  • What is the customer’s age, gender, and location?
  • How does the customer prefer to communicate?
  • What is the customer’s role in his/her company?
  • What is the customer interested in?
  • How much technical knowledge does a customer have?
  • Which social networks does the customer use?

And to determine where your target audience is found or what information they are seeking you can start by doing an online survey, social media demographics or see the source/medium of your website traffic too (and competitor analysis also helps).

Question 2: How much budget and resource can you invest?

budget and resource

This is a crucial part in determining the suitability of the digital marketing strategy. How much budget do you have? How many human resources or expertise do you have to do digital marketing for you?

If you only have one person and don’t have much budget, then it’s not suitable to focus on different marketing strategies. Maybe choose just one suitable option that gives you the highest return and slowly integrate other strategies. For instance, rather than preparing a strategy that incorporates weekly blog posting, daily 4 social media posting, On-page and Off-page optimization, Email marketing, and similarly others. You can start by just focusing on On-page and Off-page optimization and accordingly doing other activities associated with it.

It’s better to focus on one and generate a good return. Rather than focusing on 4-5 strategies and generating nothing. You will end up with a demotivated employee and no return on investment.

Likewise, another option is you can outsource the whole digital marketing to a digital agency. If the cost and quality are okay with you, then you can focus on other parts of the business and be free from the worry of overall digital marketing. They will create the best digital marketing strategy for your company.

The available budget and resources should be your basis to analyze and determine how much you can afford. There are organic and paid options in digital marketing so no matter what your situation is you can find a suitable option for you.

Question 3: What is your company’s marketing goal?

Every company has its own goal, which they need to achieve. Similarly, the company should also have a digital marketing goal that aligns with the company goal. And on the basis of that, you should choose the best digital marketing strategy. Phew!! That sounds complicated, but it really isn’t.

Let’s say your company’s goal is to generate more revenue. Then your marketing goal can be to increase sales. For this, you can opt for ads. Or, say your company’s goal is to increase leads, then your marketing strategy can focus on actions like blogging daily or continuous posting on social media. If your marketing goal is to increase brand awareness, then you can choose influencer marketing or email marketing.

Question 4: What is your competition doing?

Lastly, you should check where your competitors are marketing. What kind of content are they creating? From where are they getting a backlink? What extra are they offering to customers?

This all will help you to improve and step up your digital marketing strategy. You can easily differentiate yourself from the crowd of your competitors by doing proper competitor analysis. You can adopt what worked for them and get rid of what didn’t. In the same manner, this will also help you understand more about your customer’s behavior and the buyer’s journey. The competitor analysis sort of helps you in knowing the end result at the start of your journey.


To conclude, the best digital marketing strategy for your business will be the one that includes the selection of a marketing channel where your targeted audience is found. And the strategy should help you develop an action plan, considering the goal, available budget, and resource. Additionally, you can do a competitor analysis to gain in-depth knowledge about the customer’s behavior.

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