Addressing 2 Safety Issues Regarding Operational Technology

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From the industrial revolution to the introduction of artificial intelligence, the world has been undergoing a lot of rapid changes, fully transforming the way we operate within it. Most of these advancements have allowed businesses to operate with higher productivity and capacity than has ever been imagined, servicing their consumers all around the globe. 

One of the advancements that have propelled many industries forward is what is known as Operational Technology (OT). This term refers to any system that controls and detects any action. Great examples of OTs include systems for energy monitoring, as well as computerized machines.

Unfortunately, the introduction of OTs has also come with some problems and challenges that users of this innovation must face. In this article, we will address two of the biggest pitfalls to this, which can help determine whether your business is ready to adopt Operational Technology into your daily operations.

1. Cybersecurity Problems

One of the biggest challenges anyone utilizing OT has to overcome would be in terms of cybersecurity. Although many industries have already started utilizing it for energy and utilities, cybersecurity has been tackled as a physical issue rather than a digital one. 

In order to address this, many have turned to security solutions that may work, but only to a limited sense. For example, a piece of equipment can be isolated from an online network—thus making it “secure”—but can still pose as a cybersecurity risk. From that point, an individual can accidentally stick a virus-ridden USB into the system, thus compromising business operations.

With that said, many institutions such as the National Institute for Standards and Technology have created frameworks in which businesses can comply to enhance their security both physically and digitally.

2. Lack of Resources

While cybersecurity can be addressed given enough resources, the real challenge lies with entities that do not have the resources to provide optimal safety. In other words, they do not have enough time and money to secure their business operations regarding ones that handle digital information. 

For this reason, many smaller businesses and companies have become prime targets for attack. What makes this worse is that these companies can be part of a global supply chain—which when compromised, disrupts the entire chain as a whole. As a result, this can also affect entire economies, or even worse, an whole political system.

Addressing the Problems

These issues are garnering more attention in today’s society, causing engineers to figure out ways to make this technological advancement more secure. Despite the additional contingencies that continue to pop up to bridge that need for security, it is still wise to note that there is no perfect solution—meaning extra care needs to be taken when using such technology.

However, this has not stopped many organizations from continuing to assess the ongoing cyber risks they face for their critical systems. From there, they have continued developing a myriad of solutions and implementing safety frameworks that allow their business to run as safely as possible.


Are you ready to implement Operational Technology into your business processes? While the risks may prove to be a daunting challenge, having OT as part of your operations can prove extremely beneficial. As such, do not keep a blind eye towards the risks of cybersecurity. These problems can severely cripple your business if left unchecked.

For that reason, investing in the right security solutions can ensure that your company continues to be operational. Through these, you get to minimize the potential risks, while securing backups that can mitigate any disastrous outcomes if you were to be under attack.

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