3 Reasons You Need a Mobile App for Your eCommerce Business

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As technology advances, the same rings true for consumer behavior. It wasn’t too long ago that businesses shifted to digital platforms, like websites and social media networks. Now, brands and companies need to reinvigorate their operations through mobile apps.

Due to GPS tracking and handheld network connectivity, most consumers use mobile devices through smartphones or tablets to look for and order goods and services. Projections show that over 53.9% of all retail eCommerce transactions will be through mobile platforms. This is a transition that matches the adaptation of modern consumers’ buying habits.

The benefits of mobile apps to eCommerce businesses

Mobile apps help people through their daily activities, with easy-to-use interfaces that aren’t too complex for the average user. Many brands and businesses see apps as an opportunity to interact with their audience by offering faster service and better promos for their products and services. The accessibility of mobile apps upgrades your current operation in more ways than one.

If you still don’t believe why you need to develop a mobile app for your business, here are three reasons you should invest in one:

1. Mobile apps give you more extensive sales opportunities

A person’s idle time is the best opportunity to grab their attention and introduce a compelling offer of your products. This is because spontaneous shopping is more accessible through mobile apps that they can access anytime and anywhere. They can check your app for updates while having lunch at work, or remaining idle during a traffic jam. By giving your customers a more a shorter and more compact buyer’s journey, you can increase your chances of improving your sales figures.

2. Mobile apps provide you with the data you need to be a better service

Besides cutting down the buyer’s journey, you can also utilize your mobile app to collect and analyze customer behavior. This can assist you in making more effective marketing campaigns to your entire customer base. Additionally, the individual user interactions help you gain valuable insights on audience composition, landing page activity, reviews, and more. Utilizing this data helps you curate a more personalized experience for your app users.

3. Mobile apps help you retain your customers’ attention and loyalty

With hundreds of brands and services available in the market, it can be challenging to maintain customer loyalty. Studies show that it’s now 25 times more expensive to attract new buyers compared to selling to existing customers. This is why it’s more valuable to retain and engage with your current customer base instead of prioritizing a general audience.

A mobile app helps promote memory recall to your customers since your app keeps a spot on their phones or tablets. Studies show that there’s a staggering 50% chance that they will return to it after 30 days of using it. By utilizing your app to promote valuable incentives through loyalty programs, you can enhance your marketing channels to achieve higher sales figures.


The prioritization of mobile eCommerce shouldn’t be a trend that business owners fight against. Instead, they should learn to adapt to this new evolution in the digital marketplace. Developing an app for your business is an excellent step towards utilizing modern technology to increase your marketing channels. It will enable your brand to provide more accessible services while promoting better customer relations.

Although a useful app can increase your sales figures, a faulty one can do a reverse effect on your brand. This is why you need to ensure that professionals will handle your business’s mobile app development.

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