Website Mistakes to Avoid

3 Crippling Website Mistakes to Avoid – What to Know

When it comes to successfully running a business online, investing in a good website is non-negotiable. How you present your brand can make or break your business, as it serves as your prospect’s first glimpse of the value you can offer. A good website serves as the virtual storefront, a digital area where customers can access information and valuable content. Failing to invest in your business website can potentially scare away customers, causing them to support your competitors instead. 

With all things discussed, it’s only logical to invest ample time and effort into your website. Each element should reflect your brand and convey messages clearly, ensuring that your customers are well informed enough to make the decision to purchase and convert.

If you find that your website visitors are exiting your site, however, it’s important to understand why. It could be due to a lack of interest in your business, but more often than not, the problem lies within your website. Here are three crippling website mistakes most businesses make—you may very well be committing one of these:

Your website is running on an outdated design 

In the world of everything digital, how you present yourself directly correlates with perceived reliability and trustworthiness. In other words, if your website is running on Comic Sans fonts and electric blue HTML boxes, your customers will click away out of fear. They may feel as though your website may compromise their privacy, all because you have not taken the time to invest in a more modern look. 

In other words, design matters. You’ll want to consult with software consultants and designers for a professional web design facelift so that your customers won’t be clicking away as soon as they see that 1997 font style.

Your content is poorly presented 

While your overall design mostly banks on colors and graphics, bear in mind that it also encompasses your text colors, fonts, and backgrounds. The elements play a crucial role in the presentation of your content, as you’ll want your information to be easily read and digested by your readers. If you present your words in small letters with a busy background, you risk losing customers. 

That said, make sure to stick to high-contrast color combinations and sans serif fonts. When it comes to content, cleaner will always be better. Your visitors will also appreciate you sticking to larger fonts, which allows them better access regardless of screen size. 

Be wary of the little things 

Consumer behavior changes dictate the name of the marketing game. You’ll want your website to deliver 24/7, so make sure to keep careful track of the little elements. They may seem harmless, but it’s exactly these things that can be costly. You’ll want to make sure that your design impresses in eight seconds or less, meaning that your website must be decked with eye-catching background and valuable content. Your website also needs to load fast—three seconds or less, according to the experts. Anything less than that will cause your customers to leave!

Embracing the Digital Transformation Through Good Web Design 

These issues are just some of the most common website fails you need to be aware of. Addressing these will give way to major gains, however, especially when it comes to conversions and your website’s overall performance. Web design also requires patience and dedication, as you’ll need more than just a one-time transformation to rule—continuous progress is necessary for success. 

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